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Smoking after drinking..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jay2Oh, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I've hurd that drinking before smoking is a bad idea. But I'm just wondering in my case, I've had 4 bottles of bud and I'm lookin to get a smoke on later on with my buddies and I just don't wanna get the spins. What you guys think, can you feel nausious after only 4 beers and a smoke?
  2. It really depends on your liquor tolerance.

    My liquor tolerance isn't very high, but I've been smoking constantly for years. So when I drink, and feel like I'm getting too drunk, a single hit from a bowl will level me out.

    I'd say you'll be fine...just don't take huge rips and start coughing or anything.
  3. you will be fine. snap a load, hold it in, and down a beer. then blow it out... havve fun :)
  4. well if ur going to smoke and drink i recommend smoking first then drinking so u can enjoy ur high before u get wasted this gets u pretty fucked just make sure u have a place to stay or some1 2 drive u home cause last time i did this i went 2 a friends house and hit his one hitter about 6 or 7 times then drove to another friends house and drink a fifth of smirnoff and 14 buds after smoking and ended up in jail for the night:(
  5. i dont think the spins come from drinking than smoking or smoking than drinking. if you drink to much you will get the spins, but i dont think the weed has anything to do with it. just smoke and drink you will be fine
  6. I thoroughly enjoy smoking while drinking, as long as I somewhat limit the drinking. I don't want to get totally shitfaced and smoke a bowl cause that will straight knock me out. But smoking a bowl after a few drinks feels great in my opinion, really levels me out
  7. personally i can be drunk as hell and smoke and still enjoy the effects, even though they all kind of blend into one. I never get the spins or anything so i think ull be fine, just depends if your that kind of person or not. But 4 beers isnt bad anyway. I still prefer just one or the other tho
  8. Nah smoking after drinking can give you the spins, it's happened to me before.

    However, I smoke all the time now and smoking while drunk is no problem for me. If anything, it makes me more chill while I'm drunk.
  9. no you didnt drink a fifth and 14 beers

    why do people always lie when it come to beer ? i dont get it.
  10. Just don't use a bong when you're wasted, it's likely you'll boot. Blunts, and I'm guessing joints also (don't smoke 'em), don't get you sick cuz a larger number a small hits will give you a more chill high as apposed to a couple snaps in a bong which will get you retarded. But hey, if you can handle it, enjoy!:p
  11. other way for me and all the people I know. Weed enhances. Drink first and weed will enhance the drunkenness. It just dumbs me down alot.

    I only ever smoke then drink, gives me the best high
  12. some of us like beer. . .

    and we can drink a lot of it
  13. A fifth and 14 beers is a ridiculous amount of alcohol. Unless the fifth was like peach schnapps or something gross and not hard at all. I'd be hammered after 14 beers. Unless you mean those tiny 8oz glasses they give out a keggers sometimes...then maybe, but that wouldn't be 14 beers, more like 8.
  14. smokin while drunk is fun as fuck

    /thread :p
  15. if i do that i barf
  16. I'll share my bad experience in this thread, since it seems appropriate.

    4 Jager shots
    3 beers
    2 bowls of AK47


    i fainted and went unconscience for a small bit. =[
    started losing my vision/hearing altogether.
    fell backwards and hit my head on concrete and blacked out.

    wasn't fun but it was my own fault. :smoking:

    EDIT: on top of that i forgot to mention, i was very depressed all that day because of a death of a close friend, so that set a bad mood to be drinking/smoking AND i hadn't eaten much of anything before hand.

    so.. you do the math. just be careful.
  17. Last time I smoked and drank, we smoked dump loads of weed, and I got totally shitfaced. I ended up blacking out and only know what happened from what my friends' told me.
  18. i was 15 and i drank 5 beers then smoked for like the first or second time then kept takin hits and drinking beer so if i could handle it then you should be alright
  19. hah is it weird that i like the spins? I can control them real good and it just makes me feel fuckin zoned out
  20. lol watever u say dude y would I lie on the forums to people i dnt even know just because u cant drink that much doesnt really mean much 2 me...... and I have the papers from getting arrested with the breathalizer results so ya ur stupidity does not surprise but please dont go assuming im lying u dnt know me and shouldnt act like u do i know wat happened I experienced it but wateva dude im not here to impress u ne ways think wat u want but ik wat I did and didnt do and theres nothing u can do to change that

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