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smoking after dental work?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by demhoezz, May 12, 2011.

  1. so tommorow i face the big bad dentist, quite a prick of a guy if you ask me. im very nervous since ive had very bad experiences in the past with dentists that still makes me shaking in my boots.
    but anyways, i gotta get a molar tooth pulled that stupid me let it go and it got cracked and now has a big hole in it, so i was thinking before i go to the dentists office that i would smoke a bowl to take the edge off of it? idk if that would be wise of me to do so
    or can i wait till after its done to smoke a bowl idk? i dont want to get dry socket or some other crazy shit that hurts like mad

    btw: im pretty stoned right now so if it doesent make sense just let me know
  2. I wouldn't smoke right before you go, smoke about 45 minutes before your appointment and smoke a good amount and use some mouthwash and brush like you always should before the dentist. And smoking when your done might be difficult I think it's fun to smoke with a numb mouth but it's pretty hard
  3. I work in a dental office. People come in all the time, stoned stupid. I'd recommend smoking if you're nervous. Take an iPod and plug yourself in during the extraction. A lot of times, people are more apprehensive about the noise than the pain.

    Do not smoke afterwards. You will get dry socket. If you simply can't avoid it, place a piece of gauze over the extraction site and don't suck, just slowly inhale (like you're taking a breath). After you smoke, gently swish with warm, salt water. Good luck!
  4. thank you secret and fox, i really dont want to get a dry socket and i plan to smoke some cause im getting some medical from a buddy tommorow, ill make sure to update the thread once i get it done
  5. and the work is finally done, i got the tooth pulled out today it didnt hurt one bit there was just alot of pressure lol im doing fine, just spilling my drink all over myself because my mouth is really really numb lol

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