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Smoking After Anxiety?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ichimaruu, Jun 2, 2013.

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    So last time I smoked 2 days ago I had what I think was an anxiety attack, basically to cut it short I felt morbid.. like a stroke or heart attack. I know it's all in my head since I have no pre-existing heart conditions.
    So I know I'll find a few answers here from more 'seasoned' smokers; is weed just not for me? I'm very new to smoking weed or doing any recreational drugs at all. If i can still make it work for me I'd be happy for suggestions!
    edit: I must have smoked around about 0.3-0.4g which I don't know if that's a lot for a person who hasn't really experimented with drugs before at all but it seemed beforehand like it shouldn't be.
    Oh and I still got some desirable effects, but most of them were masked by horrible fear etc.

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    You smoked a little bit too much for yourself. try .2 and tell me how good you feel, just because I know you will. Just from experience, I only have those panic attacks when I smoke without planning. Set some munchies, and DEFINITELY music. That will take away all of the paranoia if the lesser amount hasn't done the trick.
  3. Thanks man this really helped my mindset hearing that from someone else. I've rolled myself a really small (and cute in my opinion) joint so I don't waste too much.
  4. Honestly blunts and joints waste more than any other form of smoking just because it's constantly burning. And if you were having a bad time before, I don't think a joint would be the best option unless you take maybe 2 or 3 hits then put it out, just because it takes a lil more than .5 to smoke a J, which is what you had before when you had a panic attack. But have fun dude! You'll never get to have back the same high after the first few times. 
  5. Go some place safe and smoke a lil less.  Pack a small bowl say 3 hits and put it down for 10-15 mins and let the cannabinoids work there magic.  You sound like you over smoked a bit .5 of decent weed will get you pretty high depending on the intake method.
  6. I always have had anxiety, and let me tell ya, weed increases the amount of times you'll have anxiety attacks and even sometimes can ruin a day. I've gone to the doctor many times for false anxiety problems, always involving my heart. 

    Sometimes my heart does beat irregular from 15 minutes to even 3 hours long, but that is probably due to my poor eating habits, being underweight, and anxiety. Nothing serious. So naturally when I smoke, sometimes I think my heart will beat irregularly and I might have a stroke but it never has, only alcohol makes my heart beat weird.  Over the years I've been able to control these thoughts and still enjoy smoking a gram or more a day. So if you don't think you could learn to control said anxiety, weed isn't for you. 
  7. Just smoke a little less next time, you probably weren't ready. Not only have I had heart surgery but I'm also diagnosed with social anxiety. I see positive results from medicating but It really depends on the person.

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  8. I used to smoke in ny younger days and have always enjoyed smoking up, however have also had issues with anxiety when smoking up so I guit for a really long time. I am now in my mid thirties and startee smoking again which I have been really enjoying and when I do feel tye anxiety coming on a reassurr myself its onky temporary. And if it happens more regularily then id like I just stip smoking for a couple weeks and that usually takes care of it.
    Its akways good to he in a good frame of mind and in good spirits when toking especially when a person already suffers from anxiety.

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