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Smoking after a head injury??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pastscreaming, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Not sure whether to have posted this in the Medical forum or this one but here's both

    I was in a hare scramble yesterday (dirt bike race through the forest) and crashed pretty hard into a tree. I have a terrible pain in my chest and upper shoulder and i hit my head on the tree (they were scraping the paint off of it afterwards) so it is also possible I may have had a mild concussion (never lost consciousness but did have nausea and a headache). Both the dr at the hospital and my actual dr who I saw today said my head is probably nothing to worry about and I am fine. X rays of my chest and shoulder came back negative so nothing is broken but I just feel sore. Have been taking 3 motrins every like 4 hours and am feeling out of it but I still am in a lot of pain. Any sort of deep inhale/cough/sneeze/burp is incredibly painful on the right side of my chest.

    I haven't smoked since the accident but since both doctors said I most likely dont have a concussion (or a very mild one if I did) I am wondering if anyone knows if I'll be ok. I have been taking motrin as well so if thats something not to mix than lemme know. Ill be hitting small bowls because I can't really take a deep breath without pain.

    I appreciate the help, greatly.
  2. Damn, get well soon man. I wouldn't smoke. Try eating firecrackers or something.
  3. ^^Agreed.

    I have a feeling that the respiratory pain you're having now would intensify if you were smoking the herb. However, the effect would help your pain overall for sure. I'd say make some edibles. All the good with none the bad :)

    PS: Vaporizing hurts as much or more than smoking when my lungs are hurting, so i wouldn't try it :p
  4. Sorry bout your wreck bro.. I destoyed my 450 a year ago, took out a tree and laid in bed for a week.... I smoked but like you had a lot of pain when i took a deep breath. Start slow and see how it goes.


    This is what my baby looked like, I'll throw up a pic of what she looks like now when my girl gets home with my laptop.. Hope you get back to it fast buddy.
  5. I smoked after a head injury. Fell on my head and had a headache for days. Maybe i had a mild concusion but the weed only helped me to relieve all that. I think if smoking weed while having a concusion caused you to die we would have heard about it by now...Considering not one death yet....
  6. i had two huge pans fall on my head and give me a concussion, three days later i got rolled by 4 vatos who knocked me unconcuious twice and robbed me, ive been smokin at night to help the headaches and go to sleep, its the only time i can live with the humilitation
  7. I got a concussion in Rugby, smoked that night and felt so much better. Proof it is a very effective medicine:smoke:

  8. I know what your saying man, theres nothing embarrasing about getting jumped by a couple mexicans. they just are too puss to take you one on one or if your friend busts out a bat...:D. Hope you get better. and dont be embarresed
  9. There's no problem with taking motrin and smoking. I do it all the time.

    Did your doctor say if your chest pain is your lungs or in your ribs/shoulder. If it's orthopedic, then smoking will probably help with the pain. If your lungs are somehow involved (which seems unlikely from your description) then you probably shouldn't smoke. Sounds to me though like it's your ribs or shoulder if it hurts when you inhale.
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    i think if you just stick to edibles, you will be golden.

    69th post!

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