Smoking after a good workout

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntSeason, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I know i'm not the only person on this site who likes to hit the gym and lift some weights.. Is it just me or does smoking after a nice workout feel so much better?:smoke::smoke:
  2. Hell yeah bro I love smoking some weed after I go to the gym! you ever try before though?

  3. of course! I always smoke a bowl before and after, it just feels accomplishing to smoke after haha

  4. I used to smoke before but I try not to now. After though is so rewarding :)
  5. It's got to be bad before a work out, your heart rate would be intense, I smoke after I lift 4 times a week
  6. Not so much working out but after biking the trails, theres no better way to relax than lighting something..
  7. Seriously, its rewarding something good... with something BETTER lolol
  8. Only if you vape...
  9. Definitely after!...don't before because it kills your lifts
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    lmao I tried smoking before going to the gym.. oh god..

    I was so paranoid at people looking at me, I didn't know what to do next hahaha I was lifting 20 pounds when I usually lift 40s

    But after is sooo nice...
  11. I love taking a freezing shower then smoking a super fat bowl, with clean cold water. It instantly relieves any tension or pain I'm feeling from the workout, I usually lift weights, wrestle, do cardio, plyometrics, and swimming, so its a long workout.
  12. The best feeling is finishing up a half marathon, jumping in the pool for some laps, taking a cold shower, putting on a hoodie and getting stoned. That is my Sunday ritual :hello:
  13. [​IMG]
    Good enough for Arnold, good enough for me.
  14. How does smoking before a workout kill the lift? I'm interested cuz I started hitting the gym not too long ago and wanted to know the reasoning behind that
  15. Im sure it does. I go to gym aswell, but I dont really toke up after the gym.. cause usually when I toke, I dont go to gym at all on that day :D
  16. lmao imagine pushing like 50-100kgs from ur body and then u go like: :DDDD and then it drops on your.. face. But no srsly I dont like going to gym high, feels very uncomfortable.
  17. I loved doing it before :smoking:

  18. In my personal experience, I feel that smoking before tends to drain my motivation for working out, which kinda defeats the purpose.
    That's why I'd rather wait until afterwards.. It also gives you something to look forward to, when you're killing yourself on the last couple of reps... Look at it as if it were a reward
  19. The high feels better. It's as if the clogged receptors got blasted away from the workout and the high is fresh
  20. vaporize after always! don't do before though.

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