Smoking after 2 year T break

Discussion in 'General' started by robthedawg12, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. will i get extremely high? should i take a couple hits then chill then another couple hits or what?

  2. No higher than you'd get after a couple months of waiting without a smoke.
  3. Just go easy.Take two - three hits and wait about 15 minutes.See where your at proceed if you want to.

    Have a good time.
  4. wow 2 years... celebrate with like five milky ass rips from the bong
  5. Ended up getting SUPER stoned dreaming feeling, body numbness kinda weird/scary but for crashed for 20 minutes, now its just a really chill feeling not as stoned. Feel fucking amazing.............
  6. youre gonna sleep real good
  7. Take 10 dabs and report back about all the crazy introspective shit that happened. Jk take one or two hits and wait and see how you feel like everyone else is saying.
  8. Yeah ended up taking a few hits and was very stoned and then had a "Weed nap" for 20 minutes. Now that i woke up i feel just chilled out and really really relaxed guess that what happens after not smoking for 2 years..
  9. Two hits and you feel a sleep, lol. You're making me sleepy ... Just by reading that...

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  10. Pry close to as high as you'd got your first time.. Have fun man..

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