Smoking afer working out?

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  1. someone told me that smoking after working out can help your muscles rebuild faster has anyone tryed this before?
  2. no thats not true, weed doesnt help your muscles rebuild, protein is what repairs the small tears in your muscle fibers
  3. then maybe it wasnt like "rebuilding" but he said something about how when ur baked ur muscles will be relaxed so its easier for your body too not use any muscle or something
  4. might help you to eat?

    As long as you're eating HEALTHY proteins and carbs, not Cheetos or icecreams.

  5. but i like cheetos and icecreams:( i might even try combining the two:hello:

  6. It's ok to cheat ;)
  7. To the OP: Whoever told you that was incorrect.

  8. Do not smoke within 1 hour of working out, it restricts blood flow. The 1st hour after working out is when your body starts rebuilding muscle and it needs the blood flow to provide water, oxygen, and protein to your muscles. Smoking increases your appetite and fat storage capabilities so if your trying to gain weight this is a good idea although in some people when you smoke it is alot harder to make gains and when you stop smoking youll put on an extra 10 lbs without even trying. I usually smoke when im trying to gain mass and i stop if im trying to get cut/lean out.

    Check out, theres tons of info all over the place
  9. I run a lot. Like atleast five miles a day. And I smoke before and after and sometimes during.
  10. also take protein everyday, 1 gram for every 1 lb you weigh. Also creatine monohydrate works amazingly and i dont know a single successful body builder that doesnt use it to some extent. Creatine is alot like THC tho, you build a tolerance to it over time. It is best to take creatine for 6-8 weeks then take 2 weeks off and start up again. If this was a body building site id go into much more detail but GC is dedicated to my other passion :)
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    The human body naturally produces creatine. Everyone produces a different amount but is only allowed to take in a restricted volume. Anymore than that volume and you are just pissing it out. Creatine, in my eyes, has always been a "quick TEMPORARY fix" that will easily deplete once the cycle stops, and fast. I personally stick with just whey protein to increase those levels for a faster recovery. There's nothing like the feeling of building up your muscles and cardiovascular system naturally and being able to enjoy those benefits. I try my hardest, on a daily basis to stay away from ingesting additional chemicals. To each their own.

    If you do deside to go that route, do tons of research and drink PLENTY of water.

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