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Smoking Adderal 20 mg XR ???

Discussion in 'General' started by nickbuddy111, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. I was wondering if you guys know if you can snort adderal xr, without having to break up the beads. Or if its even possile with the beads broke up. thanks.
  2. I'm pretty lost right now, your thread name says Smoking...but in the thread itself you're talking about snorting. So, I'll talk about both.

    You can smoke the Adderall, normally done when topped off over a bowl of marijuana. It has to be crushed up very well, all of those beads have to be powder.

    Same goes for snorting it, you have to break up those beads well (it's a pain in the ass to do...a mortar and pestle comes in handy here) Doing it with the beads not broken up would be pretty nasty going up your nose, so crush them up to get the good stuff out.
  3. i smoked a straight bowl of it once, probably about 10mg.. tasted like total shit, kinda like burning plastic but was pretty intense.

    As for crushing the beads, i use i plastic test tube like thing and a metal rod. works perfectly
  4. Lol @ wanting to smoke adderal.
  5. well i just use the good ol' dollar bill and credit card technique to break up those lil beads. just try make sure to get it all nice and fine (powdery) otherwise big rocks goin up those nose can burn. peace
  6. idk if this is the dollar bill method but roll it up so u can make a snorting tube put ur beeds in it fold bot hends so its seald up and crush on the bill and then unfold it and just til back and sniff
  7. same, dunno what the fuck I was thinking..

    effects were short but intense

    horrible plastic melting inside my lungs, then when I took breaths the melted plastic flexed


    just dont do it

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