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Smoking a week before a race

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ianz312, May 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys thanks for reading. I've only smoked twice in my life and that was this past winter break, since then I've been running competitively and therefore not smoking. I was going to smoke after the season ended, but decided to wait until after a race I have coming up. I was wondering if I smoked a nickel to myself out of a bubbler this weekend, if it would affect my race a week from this Saturday (the 21). I would keep running daily after I smoked to keep in shape. By the way, this race is nothing serious, but I'd still like to do well. I'll be running a 10k. Thanks!!!
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    no it will not, you can smoke the day before and it wouldnt have an effect
  3. yeup, no effect at all.
  4. I smoke everyday and i take a bong rip at least every morning Right before i go on a run and i usely run a few miles.
  5. I love running and lifting when im high
  6. It will effect you a little bit but if it isn't a competitive race I wouldn't worry about it. The only way it could even be slightly noticeable is if you smoke a few hours before the race. I was on the cross country team when I was in high school and almost everyone smoked and these people could run 4:30 miles. Then again there were also some very serious people that would have a strict diet and wouldn't eat any junk food or drink soda for the entire season, but in all honesty thats going overboard unless you are in the Olympics or other professional races.
  7. No, youll be good :) Enjoy it!
  8. I am a competative swimmer in highschool. I have made it to state twice and have got second in two separate events. All of this I van honestly say is contributed to the wonderful medicine we all love. Every night before a meet I smoke about a dime bag. It makes me feel super rested and ready for the meet. I also run competatively and it works just the same, so if anything it will affect you in a good way
  9. I swear I've seen this thread before...
  10. Just don't smoke tobacco and you're fine bud :smoke:
  11. i was a avid runner in HS, i took is seriously so i didnt smoke too often & it didnt affect me....soo yea you'll be fine
  12. nope. i almost always get high before i go to track and cross country practice when theres a long run or recovery run. it helps me keep a better breathing pattern and makes the long run so much less boring. marijuana hasn't affected my running at all. if your really concerned about your lungs, you might want to look into buying a vaporizer.

  13. how the hell is he trolling? he asked a question in the apprentice tokers section :rolleyes:

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