Smoking a seedling.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yttan9, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. What, if anything, would happen if someone was to dry out and smoke a seedling?
  2. what would happen? well i can guess youll smoke a seedling, but as for getting high... wont happen. you may achieve a headache tho.

  3. Yeah i've started makign sure my baggies are seedless cause if i hear a pop i get pissed.
  4. youll get a nasty taste and no high
  5. hahahahaha :hello:

    Seed = what you find in bud
    Seedling = baby marijuana plant
  6. Yeah, you might as well go pick some pansies out of the neighbors garden and smoke them too.
  7. Aren't they called Posies?:smoke:
  8. are u a fcking idiot?

  9. dude, unneccisary. Don't be an ass, the guy is just curious about something he thought up.
  10. the question was stupid to begin with everyone and thier mother knows you dont smoke seedlings your just as much of an idiot for defending him put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  11. Wow, djmoney, can't we be just a little bit more mature? Smoking a seedling will do nothing, like it's been previously posted. Maybe a headache.
  12. You wouldnt get high.

    Smoking a seedling wont get you high, it's actually bad for you.

    Baby seedlings have a really high nitrogen content and ingesting nitrogen not only tastes bad, in higher qualities it could give you a headache and at much, much higher quantities it could actually kill you. Except that probly wont happen cuz, for the nitrogen concentration to be high enough to give you anything more than a mild headache, it would've killed the plant long before.

    Also, when your plant is finally ready to harvest (long long time from now), you want to stop fertilizing for the last week just so the plant uses up most of the nitrogen in the soil and the roots and you wanna dry it out for a week after so the rest of this nitrogen metabolizes (The cut buds use the nitrogen to try to regenerate). All this because the most nitrogen you can rid of your weed, the better it tastes.

    Back to the point, smoking leaves doesnt get you high. Even for a fully mature plant with buds, smoking all the leaves together doesnt get you high. The only parts that contain enough THC to get you high are buds, stems, and roots. Leaves and seeds dont.
  13. "There are no stupid questions, just stupid people named Dj Money."
  14. I agree wit gonejah17, better ask than not find out at all.

    But try reading first before you ask, use the search function to check if there's already an answer to your question on the forums. There probably is.
  15. umm bad idea....
  16. lol
    lol lol
  17. Sure you can just spray pure thc on to it :/ :)
  18. Dont do it bro...

    A blunt a day keeps the doctors away!
  19. Way to bring back a 7 year old thread. Man I've been on this forum a long time.
  20. OP has probably died of smoke inhalation by now lol

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