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Smoking a seed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by HighThereJackie, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Ok so I got some weed from a friend for free and I noticed there were some seeds in there so I was going to pick them out, but I got high and forgot about them hahah, so anyway I was just smoking a bowl and I look down and there was a seed in it, I picked it out after I noticed, but I'm just wondering, do seeds have absolutely no effect in terms of high? Or is smoking them not a complete waste
  2. Come on seriously mate lol

    The only thing they do is pop. Worse scenario a mate catches a bit shrapnel

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    Seeds have triple minus zero in the hole THC content. The white meat inside the seed, when smoked, releases toxins that are harmful for the lungs. I speak from experience. When I was 14, I fired up about 30 seeds in a pipe. 1 hit and I coughed violently for 15 minutes then I puked. Never ever again.
    Seeds are expensive. Save them and plant or sell them. They are very rare too unless you get swag from mexico.
  4. They contain no thc atall. They sound pretty cool when smoked though  :bongin:
  5. Good thing I took it out then, thanks!

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    Ya seriously I'm stoned and wondering and have never really thought about it much, I don't grow.
  6. It will cause tiny marijuana plants to grow in your lungs. Be careful not to water them or they'll grow and kill you.
  7. They thrive in harsh conditions. Stomach acid is among the best environment for cannabis to grow.
    Dude... Rip those gross ass BBQ smelling fuckers out of that poovy ass weed dawg. 
    Seeds suck. They burn like trash, they forced your planes to boat like a motha fucker and make the entire vicinity smell like you're at the local indian BBQ. 
    Stems on the other hand, are really good for your vision- so I've heard. 
  9. They get u super high, in fact the seed is where all the THC is, when u grow them, it just distributes the THC throughout the plant and thats how u get high! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and they just dont want you to be self sufficient , i said all that to say this:
    I have a bag of them from some of Mexico's finest ditch weed, they are basically priceless but since i can see you are a elite smoker i will sell them to you for the low low price of $500 u can easily triple your $ if u bag them up and sell by the gram
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    If you smoke a seed, THC will start forming within your body and you will be high 'till the day you die.
  11. Ok so at first this was kinda me just asking a simple question.... but I see this is now turning into who can write a more bullshit response, therefore I don't regret starting the thread. But stop being so hard on me.... it was just a simple question... it's not like I actually smoked it or anything, I know it's not good to have them in there, but usually I don't so I was curious

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  12. Don't smoke seeds. You'll shoot your eye out kid!

    The Dank Knight
  13. An old school
    Smoker I know grinds everything up. As far as regs and dirt weed go I mean. Stems seeds he says it's all part of the plant and picking out stems and seeds is throwing away half your bag. Lol. I tried explaining how it works but he insists it's all thc

    The Dank Knight
  14. [SUB]When I was much younger and less experienced, I would break up the seeds and include them in my joint along with broken up stems (to make my weed last longer). NEVER AGAIN. The broken up seeds gave me one of the worst headaches I've ever experienced that lasted for hours on end. Even Tylenol didn't help to get rid of that headache. Ask any real stoner...seeds are forbidden in joints or bowls. I hate the seeds !![/SUB]
  15. Cannabis seeds are about 1/3 oil and are very high in protein, but have NO THC.
    I am certain you have gotten vegetable oil on a stove burner while cooking. Remember how it stank? Smoking seeds is same deal, only the oil smoke is going into your lungs! Now about that protein, think burnt bean smoke, also going into your lungs!
    However, since the bit of "seed smoke" is mixed in with a larger amount of "weed smoke", rather than being totally unsmokable and sickening, it is merely "harsh" and tastes bad!  :cool: But it still isn't a good idea!
    I'd save the seeds and "go for a nice long hike" next spring, just before a good rain storm rolls in! :smoke:
    Or you could sell them to friends for a buck a seed and the promise of a pinch from the harvest!
    Either way, you might end up pleasantly surprised next fall! :yay:
  16. My wife gets a headache whenever she accidentally smokes a seed. Doesn't really bother me just tastes bad and the pop can actually be really dangerous if you're smoking on a bed or carpet! There's gotta be an urban
    Legend out there about that. Going blind from
    A seed
    Popping or burning down the house.

    The Dank Knight
  17. Never do that crap unless your an idiot
  18. save the seed and grow  it when you are older.

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