Smoking a quarter pound in day!?

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  1. Soo two of my friends made a bet that one of them couldn't smoke a quarter pound from 8AM - 12AM, and if he does it he doesn't have to
    Pay for the "QP" but if he doesnt finish is he has to
    Pay for it, I was wondering what might be some good ideas on ways to smoke it in that time spam! We have the "Raw" 12 inch papers and where thinking maybe roll up some joints with those! Let me know!:)
  2. In all reality the worst way to smoke the qp to get as much as you can out of it would be joints. But if its a challenge I would say joints.... They burn constantly so while your not taking hits weed is still burning, where with bowls it may go out, thus making more weed for you to smoke and get high. So from a not have to pay for a qp and get high as fuck, but not greening out.
  3. 112 grams in 16 hours

    that's 7 grams per hour

    1 gram every 8.5 minutes

    good luck
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    I think you mean blunt because that motherfuck will smoke itself if you leave it there most of the time, like i put 1/3 of a blunt on the doubie tray was gone within minutes

    7 grams a hour thats nothing i can do that obviously with some other puffers what id be worring about is your longs their gonna take a beating. have lots of cold water and you should accomplish it and sugars or caffiene so you dont pass out after all the smoking or 5 hour energy
  5. If I smoked a qp in a day I can honestly say I'd prolly bein a coma for like 2 weeks and never smoke again lol
  6. Its impossible, you'll pass out.
  7. I'd almost venture to say it's almost physically impossible. Even if you did have enough tolerance for it.

    Think about it this way.

    8 Packs of cigarettes is 4 ounces of tobacco. Assuming cigarettes and weed burns at the same it even possible to smoke 8 packs of cigarettes in a day?

    Idk dude you'd have to be chiefing that fast and obviously would fall asleep if you did it.
  8. Yeah for real, that's extremely challenging.. I don't think anybody could really do it, it Deffinetely wouldn't be enjoyable..
  9. Your signature bothers me.... trying telling that to anyone living around fukishma... lmao

  10. Like the nuclear disaster? That's fucked up...
  11. Didnt i just read a thread like this?
  12. Yep wont be able to do it...youll smoke two of those raw joints and pass out and lose 4 hrs of the day already. Goodluck. But if you did pull it off, pics or it didnt happen...:smoke:
  13. Considering if you get too high in this challenge you won't win, i would smoke out of somethig that burns a lot like joints or bongs.

    Make some edibles if allowed.
    Eat 1 oz of brownies to the head lol 1/4 the way there.
  14. Seven 1 g joints an hour for 16 hours I could last like 4 hours at the most
  15. Go get a oil rig and make it all into qwiso and do dabs all day man!
  16. Turn it into hash and smoke all that or I can help you smoke it all
  17. If edibles are allowed that's a great way to get rid of a lot of the QP in one go. However, you'd obviously get masssssively stoned if you ate a few PANS of weed brownies or cookies.

    Go for it.
  18. That sounds like a punishment.
  19. The easiest way to smoke this much I feel is to roll four one ounce joints. Therefore you get the least amount of THC possible. It seems crazy you have like $1000 to spend on some bet where neither side really wins lol.
  20. What kinda weed are we talkin about here?
    If its good med grade weed your lungs may be able to last but you might pass out.
    If its brick you probably wont pass out but your lungs are gonna take a beating.

    Roll em into stuffys and just smoke em back to back.

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