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Smoking a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stratez, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. I packed my bowl with some weed in my glass pipe, and when i light it, it won't stay lit nor can i take 1 hit. This is my first time using a pipe. PLEASE HELP
  2. Imma have to show you in person ;0) make sure nothing is clogging it up
  3. Does it have a carb? If so you need to cover it up with your finger the whole time until you're ready to finish inhaling. Or your weed could just be real wet and wont burn easily.
  4. it's all cleared out. It's just that as soon as i light it, it goes out and the hits are so small, they don't even do anything.

  5. Yes it does, i will try this later. I just have a problem with keeping the weed lit.
  6. I usually keep the lighter on it for a sec or two, it won't stay lit for long mines never do. One light and a HUGE puff and I'm good :0)
  7. did you grind your weed?
  8. Chop your weed down some more. Big chunks won't light as evenly or even cherry that nice. The smaller the pieces you break it down into, the more solid hits you will get. And definitely hold the carb. Or else you're only getting like half as much suction to the bowl.
  9. Your weed is probably not broken down quite enough, buy a grinder or chop is with some scissors.
    Make sure its packed decently too.

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