Smoking a pen in Europe - risky or safe?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheDude33, May 29, 2019.

  1. I’m going to Europe for 2 weeks - London Paris Rome Florence Venice Amsterdam Berlin Lucerne. Is it risky to smoke a vape pen in any of these cities/countries or should I be fine? I am considering taking a smoke buddy filter.
  2. Lol you don’t need a smoke buddy for a vape lmaooo. You be fine as long as nobody knows what’s up in that vape ;)

    Also you can vape all you want in hotels, it’s vapor, if it’s herb it’ll just smell like popcorn almost. Doesn’t even really smell like herb, but if it’s cartridges, there is no smell at all, idgaf what anyone says, that shit is honestly completely odorless, unless of course you sniff the cloud you just blew out, but the room smells like nothing :D.
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  3. I gotta disagree. I’ve made some carts that straight stink like weed.
  4. The cartridge smells like weed, just not the room ;).
  5. Oh no man, they will straight stink up a room.
  6. Then I dunno what the hell you putting in your carts lol. I’ve vaped a cart for 5 mins straight, left the room, came back and didn’t smell a single thing. It’s not me, cuz I’ve asked my dad to smell the room and he didn’t smell anything either.

    If you’re using raw distillate, it’ll almost be like vaping a dab though so maybe there’ll be a little bit of smell. But I’ve never vaped a dab before so :confused_2:
  7. I use very high quality wax or shatter. Nothing below 80% THC. All 100% lab tested for fungus, mold, pesticide, etc. It’s a very good product.

    Some waxes will make little to no smell. Others, like Skywalker from PTS for example, will have a very strong odor when vaped using cartridges.
  8. I'm taking a road trip with my sister in July. I plan to do the same. I'm taking my vape pen, wax, and I just ordered another smoke buddy. I'm gonna use the smoke buddy to be on the safe side cuz I'll be toking up in the hotel. We're driving though, so idk the risk if you're planning to fly.
  9. Srsly don’t need a smoke buddy tho...

    Also don’t bring carts if you flying, dogs will sniff that shit out like you wouldn’t believe, they can smell weed through the tiny microscopic holes in a glass jar, they would def be able to smell the carts I’m sure.

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