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Smoking a lot vs Smoking a little

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by delic, Sep 24, 2009.

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    i've been smokin off and on since i was 15. i'm 18 now. longest break i've taken was about 4 months straight, the beginning of which was in december 08. ever since i got high the first time after that, and up to right now, i've experienced anxiety, paranoia, and a general sense of being uncomfortable for the duration of my high. i've tried to supplement these side effects with clonazepam, alcohol, and other shit, but i don't have 24 hour access to all that.

    in my health book there's an entire chapter on psychoactive drugs, marijuana obviously being the one of the main ones they talk about. i came across a bit of information that says that the effects of consuming marijuana in small to moderate dosages is up to the user's past experiences with the drug, but the effects of it in high dosages is mainly up to the drug itsself.

    can anyone please shed some light on this subject? i've not smoked but once a month for the last, oh, 6 months? and i must say i'd love to start back up again, but not if these anxious, panicky, paranoid feelings are going to be permanent.

    p.s. i should also mention that ever since my first bad high i've smoked pretty minute amounts of weed, so my theory is that because i had one bad high and i smoked such little amounts, i was therefore recreating that first bad high. but if i smoke myself retarded perhaps i'll be able to enjoy the herb again?

  2. I think you should smoke an 1/8th of dank to the head and report back to us.
  3. i plan to smoke a shit load soon but i wanted some feedback from anyone else that may have gone through this, before i put myself through another 4 hours of being afraid of nothing.
  4. [quote name='delic']i plan to smoke a shit load soon but i wanted some feedback from anyone else that may have gone through this, before i put myself through another 4 hours of being afraid of nothing.[/QUOT

    I know a friend who was really paranoid for the first 5 times. He's cool now just had to smoke more to get over it.
  5. If you've got anything to be paranoid about then weed will intensify it. also, if you're used to getting paranoid then it'll become a habit. about a month or two ago I smoked like a dozen hits really drunk and just sat there with my mouth hanging open with 0 paranoia. since then I haven't really gotten paranoid when I smoke. I think if you think you're gonna get paranoid, then you will. also, I don't smoke around people I don't trust....or if I don't like someone's energy, then I won't smoke around them because it'll only bother me more when I'm baked.
  6. It really depends on your environment, dude. Don't smoke an eighter blunt then go on a police academy tour or something. The higher you get, the more your environment influences your high, so it is what it is.
  7. just smoke more to get over it...if you dont see a difference after a few times of smoking perhaps you have ur answer...
  8. Back when I started (a few months after I started actually) for a month or two I had some paranoia and uncomfortable feelings, just smoke more and you'll feel fine. :) :smoking:
  9. I just went 3 weeks without smoking, (not by choice) and started up again last week. I craved it those 3 weeks, and I had withdrawals. I was cranky, and stressed all the time.

    When I started back up, I smoked a small amount with friends, and the small amount couldn't get me high. I had to smoke about 2-4 times the amount just to feel anything. After smoking regularly (every two to three days) in the past week, I've started feeling better.

    I think your problem is, that you're not smoking enough. If you smoke more, you'll feel better, and it will calm you down.
  10. Every once in a while I'll start to feel a little weird depending on where I am. I usually smoke only with my girlfriend at her house in the safety of her room. Her parents also are aware of our habits and are completely fine with it which gives us the benefit of someone being sober in the house just in case something really was happening, they can take care of it. Sometimes if I'm chilling at my own house and feel like burning and watching a movie, I start to think i hear noises or something but If you just turn all the sounds off and just give yourself a minute to recuperate, it should help you out a lot.

    It really is dependent on your environment and your "safety" level man. Also, I don't think it's a good idea for you to smoke more along with accompanying marijuana and the other drugs you listed. Just smoke only and do it with another person you trust so if you start wigging out they can calm you down. Don't get baked as you may really trip out and then never want to smoke again.
  11. listen to this guy.

    also, maybe you should consider not smoking. or hardly smoking. maybe just say you're not gonna smoke anymore, but don't feel super obligated to stick to it. just go with the flow.
  12. so it's pretty unanimous that i need to smoke more. lol

    about your environment influencing you the higher you are:
    after i read that i realized that from the time i started to about a year and a half after that i had a nice, safe haven to smoke. an older friend of mine has a really nice 2 story house that i used to go to every single weekend and sometimes during the week and blaze without a care in the world, no parents, no rules, just whatever. he got married, and now that haven has been stolen away from me. anytime i smoke anywhere except at that house, it's just not the same. but i don't have anywhere else that i can feel as comfortable as when i was there. what a dilemma...
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    Weed increases your senses and emotions and changes your consciousness to something you arent used to which I think is what causes the paranoia and anxiety. But it does not suppress you inhibitions so chances are the higher you are, the more anxious you'll get. You should try and get used to it, so I suggest you smoke enough just to get mild-moderately high and have some good food and something fun to do to distract you. Or just let the high take over and fully embrace it and experience and observe it with out thinking about it, I know that's the best way to get over panic attacks, just let them flow past you and don't fight it.

    First time I got high I was scared and was retardedly stoned and passed out after I laid down. Second few time i never got as high and I loved it! Then I was like you, had a bad high once, and after that kept having them. I know the feeling of anxiety and panic, especially while high and it's the worst feeling ever. I ended up only being able to get buzzed, then had a really bad experience and since then I am terrified of it, but many people get over that and are able to enjoy it, but I have a heart condition that initially started my fear so it's different then you. You don't have anything to worry about.

    So either smoke small amounts and gradually get used to it, or smoke a lot, enough to get you retardedly high lol. Then after you will realize that it can't hurt you for sure. But if you get really scared, it might just strengthen you're brains association with being high to being scared. Your choice.

    Just remember, no matter how uncomfortable it gets, you won't die and you'll feel better after a while.

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