Smoking a joint - weed/tobacco mix being pulled into my mouth

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by fuji123, Mar 17, 2016.

  1. Hey i have a problem. Do you guys know why the weed/tobacco mix is being pulled through the filter tip into my mouth when i smoke a joint? That didn't happen a couple of months ago when i startet smoking. Is the problem the way i make the filter tips (too narrow or too wide) or perhaps the way i roll the joint? I have tried to make the fitler tip really small and tight but it still happens...

  2. The weed is more resinated, or you are inhaling at a higher rate because those little puffs you once took don't cut it anymore, or the tobacco may contain more nicotine... hell there are far to many reasons why that happens, but my first OR is probably it, you must be a stonier because I am and I have wondered that too, LOL!
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  3. Why would you mix Good Bud with Tobacco makes no sense to me, but I heard a lot of people do that in the UK lol. Never smoked tobacco, But what ever floats your boat Buddy

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  4. Maybe the way you make your tips..or the weed is really dry and turned powdery after you ground it.....
    Really tho it's karma for mixing tobacco with weed.

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  5. Sorry the late reply. I live in Europe (Denmark). I don't know why but this is just how we do it here. We mix hash/hashish with tobacco. First we roast the tobacco in order to remove the nicotine. it probally sounds very weird lol:). My friend rolled a joint with the same hash as i used and the joint was perfect. I guess my rolling skills just suck then. I roll a cone and then i fill up the cone with the hash/tobacco mix.

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