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Smoking a joint of mids

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jack Klompus, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Hey so lately I've noticed I like smoking joints of mids and smoking higher grade weed out of a bowl or bong. Anyone else do this? I think the harsher smoke of mids is all part of the experience of a joint, and you still get a decent high
  2. Na, I like smoking mids out of a bong and high grade out of a glass pipe
  3. J's waste weed
  4. ^super ignorant, yeah I used to do the same, but I always buy high grade shit and use blunts and glass.
  5. It's always good to smoke the good stuff out of glass. In my opinion it allows you to get the most flavor out of your hit. It's always important to appreciate your bud's taste.

    If I'm forced to smoke some shitty mids, I'd roll up a J or a blunt, especially since it takes me twice as much bud to get blazed if it's really bad shit.
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    How is that super ignorant? J's are pretty inefficient compared to smoking out of a piece. But I'm not saying that I don't appreciate a nicely rolled cone every once in a while.

    And to op, I know people who do the same, mainly because of the price difference here.
  7. Yeah, it's usually the most logical thing to do, although there's no rule saying you can't smoke a joint of danks or a bong rip of mids :smoking:

    Usually, since mids are cheaper and you get more weight, people will have more and thus roll a joint or a blunt of it.

    And since medical grade/danks are more expensive for less weight, people will have less and want to take it out of a pipe/bong, or simply do it for the taste/quality of the bud.

    I enjoy danks in any form, be it a joint or a bowl or a bong rip or a grav or a blunt. But, I only enjoy mids when it's a lot in a joint or a blunt. I think danks are more easily used in every smoking method, whereas mids only really pay off in a blunt or jib.
  8. i am total opposite OP.

    i will never agree that a joint is a waste/insufficient use of the herb.
    i roll .25 pinners and they turn out very nice.
    get like 5-7 hoots off it,
    no complaints here.

    where as the bong i hoot .5 one hitskies and notice no difference.

    i say joints conserve the herb.
    blunts are a different story.

    oh and i know i will be flamed for a .25 pinner but hey,
    the paper weighs .04 so really there is x8 more weed than paper.

  9. Well joints are a waste of weed compared to a bowl :confused_2:
  10. IMO joints are a great method for consuming the herb, midgrade or medical. I love a good bong sesh though
  11. I'd rather smoke a blunt of mids to give it some flavor.. High grade shit is in glass, I'll never, ever roll up a L of some kush. Unless I was sitting on pounds of it :smoking:
  12. All you blades need to learn how to roll if you think Js waste weed
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  13. I like smoking dank all around, fuck schwag and fuck mids. I'm already spending all my money on this shit, might as well go with the quality stuff.
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    So no smoke comes off of your joints when you aren't hitting it? That's all we're saying.
  15. My typical J weighs in around 1.0g, call it a waste, I call it a good time. I buy quality flowers to smoke, not to admire.

  16. WHAT THE FUCK does your sig mean? I'm looking down god damn it and the bitch is still moving and floating. I'm calling bullshit. :eek::confused::cool:
  17. Bong is best, always love a joint sesh though. thats how it should be ;)


    also, you might wanna change that sig before a mod sees it and give u shit for it lol, its way to big, just giving you a heads up because same shit happened to me :wave::wave:

    it is trippy though, try to resize it, theres a spot where it says how big your sig can be idk where
  18. Im going to put this plain and simple... When i feel like a joint.. ill light up a joint.. when i feel like taking a bong rip.. ill take a rip from the bong. All about variety, its the spice of life :)
  19. Yea man.. I wake up in the morning, and sometimes I wanna rip my bong. However sometimes I wanna sit down and relax with a nice joint. It just depends what you feel like smoking. They all get you high. None of these methods are wrong. Weed will get smoked.
  20. recently beginnin to love j's since im startin to get the hang of properly rollin :smoking:. def solid to roll up mad joints of mids to get your style down and its good for passin out at the end of the night :)

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