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Smoking a J and approached by a cop... what I did.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SeKa, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I decided to write this so you all who have yet to have run ins with the cops yet might have an idea of what to do if you are ever in a similar situation. I played dumb, but luck did have a lot to do with it.

    Yesterday around 8:40 pm I walked outside to smoke the last J of my stash before my t-break and my last J of the night. I lit up outside of my dorm and walked to the edge of the water because it is a nice relaxing spot to chief. As I was about 4 tokes in when a cop drove by on the road behind me, slowed down, then went into reverse and parked. It was nothing drastic, but none the less I flicked the J into the water in front of me and I pulled out a cell phone.

    The cop had seen me smoking something, but I was not doing anything shady, just standing near the edge of the water smoking.

    I pretended to be on the phone with a friend when he started to approach. I had taken a few steps back from the edge of the water while he was getting out of his car. I took a few more steps away from the water as he approached.

    Me: "Can I help you Officer?"
    Officer: "Well I was driving by and I smelled dope, you wouldn't know anything about that would you?
    Me: "Dope sir?"
    *At this point he is looking around on the ground with his light looking for a roach or something*
    Officer: "Yes dope, I was driving by and I smelled it."
    Me: "Do you mean marijuana sir?"
    *Me starting to play dumb*
    Officer: "Son, just what exactly do you think dope is?"
    Me: "I thought it was like smack or heroin that you stick in your arm."
    Officer: "No son, it's not."
    Me: "Oh, well no sir I don't smell "dope" nor do I have any on me."
    *He shines the light in the water a few passes and misses the joint by inches*
    Officer: "Alright son are you sure you don't smell anything?"
    Me: "Yes Sir."
    Officer: "Son, this your first year of college?"
    Me: "Yes sir."
    Officer: "Right."
    *This point he is starting to leave and I'm having fun with him*
    Officer: "Son, how many years have you been on this earth?"
    Me: "More then one sir."
    *He then turned back around looking at me like I was crazy for saying that so he shines his light in my eyes checking my eyes, they were clear since I had just started the J, he was satisfied.*
    Officer: "Well alright, have a good night."
    Me: "Thank you sir, you have a great night as well!"

    He hung around for a while longer then decided to leave.

    1) If you are ever in this type of situation and you can play it off, then they will have no reason to search you, so don't let them.
    2) Ditch your J or whatever in a spot that is away from where you and the cop will encounter each other.
    3) Always put as much distance between you and the cop and the spot where you ditched your J at, aka meet them half way, approach them (slowly of course).
    4) Play as dumb as possible so the cop will get fed up.
    5) Have fun with it if you can!

  2. That is CLASSIC.
  3. Yeah he really didn't appreciate me saying that haha, his face was priceless, he looked so confused!
  4. Thats awesome that u didnt get caught but sucks you lost ur J
  5. what he said!
  6. that seems to be a cursed time... usually i say its 8:40 lets get twice as high guys, but ive gotten busted 3 times smoking at 8:40
  7. more then one sir....hahahahahaha
  8. #8 PsXtreme, Feb 9, 2009
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    I usually smoke from a glass bowl so that would suck if I had to throw it in the woods or something, but its better then getting arrested. Did you get a stick and try to fish the j out of the water after the cop left?? I'de try and dry the weed out so i could smoke it later if i were you.
  9. Replacing a piece is def better then all the things that could happen getting caught.
  10. Very slick. If you're cool about whats going on.. cops can't really do anything. If you're like paranoid and stressing out.. then you're in for it
  11. and nah bro I didn't fish it out of the water... this water is semi toxic and just disgusting.
  12. Haha thats sick.

    where do you go to school?
  13. Nice story man, but why did u decide to say more than one?

    That part confused me a bit, like why would he even ask how many years you have been on this earth in less he was trying to say, you damn well know you were smoking bud.
  14. you just gotta remember that talking to cops is just like talking to anyone. all u have to do is keep your composure and its all good
  15. Just part of my being. I am very sarcastic and I knew there was shit he could do about it.
  16. whyy does everyoen call weed dope. my rents use to say dope insted of weed. when i think dope i think heroin
  17. lets say you were in like a car and you just had a j and nothing else...could you eat it? i mean if you dont have anything on you and it just smells could you get introuble with the po.?

  18. If you eat it and they have no evidence you're good. But if you're high and a cop finds even an empty bag in my state at least they can charge you, because i had community service with a kid that that happened to. If your car smells they will search. If you're driving and high and they don't find anything they might just be dicks and give you a DUID (driving under the influence of drugs)
  19. Yeah. A lot of people don't drive around with more then they can eat. So if you need to you can always do that.
  20. hahaha I dig the sarcasm.. oh man
    more then one sir
    meaning I'm not stupid and I know my rights and I dont have to tell you SHIT, now drive off.

    oink oink!

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