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Smoking a blunt while driving?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DanKnStickyy, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I have about an hour car ride coming up and I hate being in the car for a long period of time, So i wanted to know if it's risky to spark up in the car while driving to pass time. I'm nervous the 5-0 will see me and or smell it coming from my car and pull me over. Any tips?
  2. Tip #1

    Dont do it
  3. Although I do not condone this activity, SWIM has done this plenty of times before and never has gotten into trouble. Please note though you should have some frebreeze so that if you're pulled over then you can spray it to get rid of the smell. Cops won't be able to smell it if they don't pull you over make sure you roll windows down enough to get rid of the foggy smoke which could impair the drivers vision and cause alarm to police. SWIM has found that if you turn your ac on the fog won't be there but it has near the same affect of hot boxing since it's just circulating the smoking through the AC system.
  4. Get pulled over, eat the blunt, have no other weed in the car. He can smell smoke all he wants but if there's no marijuana to confiscate you're home free. At least where I live.
  5. Just be discrete and don't drive like you deserve a DUI and you should be fine. As long as the popo don't have a reason to pull you over they wont. Or you can just pull over somewhere discrete and light up.
  6. To be honest, if that's all you're going to have on you...go for it. I do it all of the time, and I've never once had an issue. Of course, I drive a car that cops have never pulled over anyways. (Perks of hand-me-down nice ass cars)

    If you do get pulled over, toss that shit. Keep your windows down and it wont even smell in there, and honestly, if you're by yourself there's no need to hotbox ever anyways.
  7. You can definitely do it as long as you bring only what you will smoke. So just bring the blunt and a lighter. Worst comes to worst, a cop will see you, and you'll flick it out the window while pulling over, let him have fun trying to find it.
  8. Lol I smoke blunts in the car all the time. All you have to do is know the right roads to do it on. long back routes are the best, and you just do the speed limit or a little less. Cops are going to be in traps where it will be hard to spot them, so you will have some distance its not like the cop will clearly see you smoking a blunt and come after you. I just rolled my windows slightly down but enough to cover my face
  9. Roll it to look like a cigarillo, you will be fine. Just smoke it early in the trip and ride the buzz for as long as possible. I smoke in the car all the time. Police won't pull you over unless they see a bowl or an obvious joint.

    Wear sunglasses if you get bloodshot and bring some febreze or zorbex, or just smoke a cig right after to cover it.
  10. Thanks for the tips, Well appreciated.
  11. I do it but windows down but windows up at stoplights lol. I also got a bluntpower:babypowder to mask the odor pretty nicely after a drive. I dont do it on the way to professional events tho, most of the time anyways.
  12. does anyone agree with me that driving and smoking kinda ruins the high...?? whenever we drive and smoke we have to be alert. so... it can actually make you less aware... in the long term...

    an observation that has proven to be true, personally:

    I must smoke while parked in discrete area in order to eventually drive like a rally driver. I can keep up with the pace of traffic without causing bad feelings to emerge in others.
    have fun when the road is open and have a crazy sense of awareness around me.

    -If I smoke while driving, time seems to be dire and I feel the "instant high" meaning I instantly switch tasks. feel soo much more high then you feel is comfortable. feel rushed into things I would never agree to... which is not cool. and I do not drive even okay.

    So personally I like to be still when getting high, and experiencing motion while high.

    I hope this is considered a contribution to this thread.
  13. only have the blunt on you, no other weed.
  14. have a backpack with you.

    Throw that bitch in the backpack if you get pulled over. If he asks to look inside your backpack, say "If you have a warrant."


    But besides that, I would just recommend smoking before you drive, if you must be high.
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    Why the fuck do you have a pedo bear pic? Thats creepy shit man.

    Just so everyone knows, pedo bear is a cartoon about molesting kids. Its disgusting and I find it disturbing that this dude would want a pedo bear pic linked in all his comments.
  16. Don't be a bitchh, me and my buddies used to drive to mami all the time, and we'd put down like 3 blunts on the ride over. If it looks like a blunt/cigar, cops wont give a shit.. And if they can smell your car from their car while driving on the highway, then they deserve an award..
  17. I never do L rides or smoke in my car. Its not worth the risk.

    But if you do, get ozium and spray it afterwards. It works like a charm.
  18. don't do it unless you're prepared to handle the potential consequences. shouldn't really be a problem unless you get pulled over
  19. Be responsible, don't DUI.
  20. just smoke right before you leave. or if you can't smoke at home, pull around the block and smoke somewhere nobody will see you. if you keep it down and hidden, nobody will notice anyway unless theyre looking for a blunt.

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