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Discussion in 'General' started by KB_124, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. You ever had a tough day and told yourself you were going to get really high as a treat? Well I had one of those days. I made a quick stop to the party store and picked up a Mountain Dew and a Pina Colada flavored blunt wrap. Came home, and rolled a fat 2 gram blunt. I'm going to smoke it to myself in a minute and hopefully get really blasted for a few hours :)
  2. I always smoke a blunt when I clean my's the only motivation I have to clean ;)
  3. Well I cleaned my room (actually my whole basement) before work today...So thats even better :)
  4. i do the same thing.... wen ever i have 2 do somethin i get high..... it makes even cleaning the cat litter box fun!
  5. sounds like your gonna have a good night i got no weed though
  6. They make mountain dew bluntwraps???? j/k
    Never lucky enough to have a personally blunt. I had 2 personal joints before. The first was a wake and bake. I usually dont sleep after a wake and bake but this knocked me right out. It was almost like it was too much smoke for me. I couldnt keep up with the joint. It was still relaxing though.
  7. I barely smoke by myself

    I like to smoke with people, so much more crazy! :D
  8. Well I smoked it and it was really fun..But I didn't feel high until I put out the roach and smoked a bowl in my bong. Then I took the bowl off, and put the roach in the stem, and hit it..It worked real nice, though a little hard to hit from..
    I normally do like to smoke weed with other people.. But it gets to be so annoying when your always smoking your weed with people who never match.. Whats a guy to do? :confused:
  9. i like to smoke when im going to study for a test!
  10. Over this past summer when I still lived in NY, and was slangin a little over a QP a week, I used to smoke personal blunts pretty much every other morning. I would wake up, roll the blunt, take out my pellet rifle, then smoke it on the back porch while hunting. Needless to say, by the end of the summer I had a pile of bird corpses and a lot of roaches.

    by the way, I'm not usually a hunter, and I don't have anything against animals, and I don't hunt anymore. It was just one of those stupid, immature things that I please, all you animal lovers out there...don't hate me.
  11. i usually just put the roach in the bowlhead of a bong or spoon... it's a little harsh in the spoon, but it's worth it. mad thc content in the roach :D

    lol, i smoked a whole dank goddie to the head once. oh man... i was trippin off weed, :D
  12. KB, I know exactly how you feel. I hate always supplying for others, the least they could do is bring over a six pack or OFFER to chip in. Have you tried the Berry Bluunt wraps, those always seem to smoke better whenI'm smoking a blunt by myself.
  13. Where in Michigan do you live?
  14. you smoked 2 grams to yourself and werent high? Damn man...
  15. Matter of fact, 2 days ago I smoked a blunt to the head, and topped it with a full bowlpack. Note the bowl was a corncob pipe, and you know how much weed they can pack. I was obliterated. Figured I owed it to myself, I was recently in a car wreck and weed takes the edge off.
  16. This thread is two and a half years old... I doubt that guy reads this forum anymore :)
  17. jesus, you spend alot of money on weed kid! My tolerance is so low that i can blaze in 2-3 hits.
  18. back when i was real bad into robitussin i used to smoke a blunt by myself everyday and jus chill by myself until i found somebody to chill with later on, but i wanted to get as high as i possibly could by myself before i went chillin wit other people, yea thats some drug addict shit but i got a hella funny story to go with it

    this one time i was jus hittin peak off of 40 robitussin (back when 40 was my normal dose) and i was smokin a blunt by myself in a park hotboxin my car, and i bent down to put the blunt out in my ashtray and when i leaned back up i see a cop comin up the road to the park, the way the shit is setup its like a couldesac (sp?) so i turned my car on fast as fuck and started driving toward him and he stopped and i pulled up next to him and he started to wind his window down so i pulled up next to him all fucked up wit a carful of smoke and rolled my window down... he said "howdy" and i said "yo!" n punched the gas n booked the fuck outta there, haha and to make things good i got the fuck away cuz the exit to the park goes to a buncha different roads so i jus dipped away and he never found me..... that was fuckin crazy
  19. haha, ur brilliant got the best stories lol
  20. yes. and after i have a nice collection of roaches, i break them up and roll 2 or 3 parent blunts.:cool:

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