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smoking a blunt/bowl of pure kief, hash, qwiso?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dairyinvader, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. i usually just top my bowls with kief or hash or qwiso. but i was wondering who has smoked these things straight by themselves??
  2. I've smoked bowls of just kief or hash plenty of times. I normally don't but I have before.
  3. i threw in on a kief blunt like a week ago...will fuck u up nicely lol
  4. i've smoked kief bowls before

    never a kief blunt though, that sounds great.
  5. oh man, one time we tried rollinga kief blunt but then our ra came knocking, and the plan went to shit :(
  6. Bump, I have a decent sized hash brick and I would like to know, would it be more usefull to sprinkle a good amount on a blunt, or just load up bowls...
  7. smoked a gram joint of pure keif from kushes, purps, dro, and some beasters. Highest i've ever been. I smoked it alone and legitimately ate an entire 2 months worth of food and let the high relax. The different keifs mixed and gave me different waves.
  8. doesnt really answer my question but cool story.
  9. Definitely load bowls with that man. To be honest even bowls waste a good ammount of your hash, when it's lit and just burning between hits... but blunts with hash? That's just a waste. It would definitely be cool but if you want to get the most out of your hash definitely use a bowl. (Out of those two options, that is.)

    Enjoy your hash!

  10. Oh shit, hahaha, too stoned man too fucking lit.
    But yeah it would work man. You'd get faded out of your MIND.
    OWISO on top man, you'll hit 3rd Plateau
  11. good shit +rep.. i went wit tha bleezy tho :smoke:
  12. It's an intense experience man. Just make sure you have a screen or a bit of bud at the bottom so you don't pull it through. I've never had an all-kief blunt but that sounds incredible.
  13. Im so faded. Thanks guys.

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