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Smoking a bag of memories.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by SteamboatJr, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Heres what my 'bud'dies do...
    At the start of each school year we start a new baggie. Everytime we buy or smoke weed together we take out a tiny tiny bit, and put it in the baggie. At the end of the semester...We smoke it all :]
    Its a nice taste from the past.

    Although, i dont think ive ever made it to a full semester... We always just give in once we have about a gram...And smoking it all <33
  2. u only get to a gram? lol you must not smoke too much. But sounds like a blast. Smoke on brother :smoke:
  3. Nawh, whatll happen is we will forget we have it..? And oneday someone will bring it up, the baggie... And, we will smoke it :D Along with whatever else we have.
  4. Haha yea i wouldn't be able to hold out... I'd think to myself... shit i got a whole gram of shit sittin here mght as well smoke it. :smoke:
  5. Thats exactly what i was getting at. Haha.
  6. I definitely gotta start doin that tho, like a rainy day stash
  7. I save a tiny nug of each buy and smoke it all in one big pack at the end of the year when the ball drops then keep saving again. I get all the nugs from the entire year it's awesome.
  8. Gotta be sure to keep that shit fresh tho, no one likes stale ass weed haha
  9. Trueee. Dont let your weed go stale :D
  10. lol mason jars and freezers do the trick for me, also orange peels help
  11. Hmmm. I might have to look into that.
    That is, if i can ever keep weed around long enough for it to even begin going stale...
  12. Lol not happenin for me
  13. This is the way it starts and then you develop your habit with this.In the start many children do things like this.
  14. can exercise a little self control, the reward for doing this is pretty awesome! I currently just finished smoking the last eighth of some shit called purple something blah blah...point is...I bought it like 8 months ago. Saving good shit is a strong strong habit to have...
  15. I'm always trying to do the same thing. I'm like ill put this away for a while, get a couple together run out and be like shit imma smoke that.
  16. dude im def about to start doing this. A rainy day jar filled with bud from all my pickups!
  17. Sounds like a nice idea but it's so... damn... hard not to smoke it on a rainy day! Haha maybe my buddies and I can do the same except for every 2 weeks, not a semester lol!
  18. I keep a small nugglet of all the best strains i come by and save em for a later day when i make a salad blunt.

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