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  1. Started at 1:00am…it’s cold quiet and peaceful. Smoking a whole brisket in a offset. Hello world.
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  2. The wife and I love a good brisket, got some corned beef myself for tonight, also enjoying the quiet wake and bake of a cold Saturday morning.

    Enjoy it mate, I sure do.
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  3. Love a good brisket. Low and slow baby
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  4. Suns starting to come up now and warm up a little but I’m keeping warm by the firebox.
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  5. My neighbor is the grill master and luckily always shares! He can cook some brisket!
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  6. 8 hour mark and I’ve hit the stall, good thing dinner isn’t until 7:00pm ( it’s 9:38am now )
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  7. Oh my lawd…brisket was delicious. Would post pics but I read something here that has me paranoid about posting with a iPhone lol
    Took about 16 hrs
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  8. what did you read about taking photos with iPhone??
  9. One of my neighbors smokes brisket every weekend and it smells soooooo good
    God I hate him sometimes lol.
  10. some kind of geo location tags on the photos that people are using to find peoples crops
  11. I would not be surprised. Phones now days are the greatest surveillance tool of all time

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