smokin5280's RDWC - Round Two - Clone Grow

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    Just finished my first grow. My only goal was to not kill them and get some smokeable bud. Well I didnt kill them and we shall see how the bud is once we finish curing it.

    Im going Sunday to get my clones and will post pics of that once they are in the system.

    So just finished adding the second tote today. The water level is adjusted by adding different length PVC pipes to the drain inside the tote. The water is pumped up from a 400gph pump and split between the totes where it is dropped through the plastic elbow joints. Once the water level gets high enough to reach the drain it drains out back into the rez. Air is supplied to 3 airstones in each tote and two in the rez by a commercial air pump with an 8 way splitter. It moves 70lpm. I wanted it all put together so I could make sure it all worked before I break it down tomorrow to clean it and get it all ready.

    The lights are twenty-four 27 watt (100W equivilent) at 5000K and each putting out 1750 lumens. They are raised up and down from the shelf above the lights. They are attached to the shelf and the shelf is hanging by chains. I do have a homeade reflector. I dont know why they look so dull. They are blinding when you look at them.

    I'll be using the shelf directly over tote as a scrog screen that I will finish tomorrow

    I am using the Roots Organics nutrient line from Aurora Innovations. Starting clones off at 1/8 strength then slowly moving it up

    Lights will be on 18/6 for Veg and 12/12 for Flowering

    Here are some system pics.

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  2. Well I can't get my clones until Tuesday so no new pics. SCROG screen will be done tomorrow night. Tuesday pick up 6 Great White Shark clones.
  3. Hey Smokin, how much did you yield on your first grow? Get some pics and a smoke report of your harvest! I'll be checking up :)
  4. LOL, i got a measley 7grams but I'll admit I didnt do enough research before I started plus I think I did everything I could to try and kill them...but live and learn...and learn, and learn. My little 1/4oz is curing right now but ill post some pics later.

    Went to pick up my clones today and they look good but not ready yet. Im gonna let my guy hold onto them a few more days to give the roots a little more time. Besides, Ill let him spent the money on the electricity :hello:. Should have them in either Friday or Saturday. I did finish my scrog screen so ill post some pics of that later too. :smoke:
  5. You said it man, live and learn. I hope my first little plant yields well, I've stressed her out so much with high Ph for a week, forgetting to switch off my lights, blowing a leaf set off the plant while administering C02 with a paintball gun (dumb idea but I was high. lol, you can read about that on my thread tho). Can't wait to see those clones of yours this weekend! And some pictures of that 7gram harvest which I hope turns out to be some killer for ya!
  6. I guarantee no matter how shitty the weed could be it will be the most satisfying 7g you ever smoked because you grew it. I do wanna see it though! Live and learn. With a little help from us friends maybe this grow will be epic!! Can't wait. Nice system you got.
  7. Ill post some pics tonight of the harvest.

    Well my clone grower bitched out and now all of a sudden he can't sell the clones. He was a friend so I figured I'd give him a shot but fuck em. And he wonder's why he has lost most of his business, LOL. So I had to scramble and this is what I had delivered. 2 pre-98 Bubbha Kush and 4 Crystal's (Northern Lights X White Widdow. Keeping them on an 18/6 light schedule.

    Nutes added: 30mL of Buddha Grow, 30mL Tinity, 30mL Extreme Serene, 30mL Ancient Amber. Seems like a lot but my system holds 25 gallons at this point (less as the roots get longer) and this was only what the feeding schedule called for for 3 gallons. Enough to give em some food but not enough to kill em.

    Here are some pics, not the greatest clones but better than no clones.

    Well pics wont post but ill get them up tonight.
  8. Shitty about your clones bro. So the pre 98 bubbakush & chrystal are from seed? Im waiting on a nirvana Chrystal seed from the attitude so I'm excited to see yours soon!
  9. That crystal sounds nice. Call your guy a dirty bastad for me.
  10. Never burn bridges in business and him not supplying is bad business for him but I'll still be cool cuz who knows how the tables may turn later on. Its all karma baby! Lol
    Anyway the plants are said to be clones but I'm to inexperienced to be able to tell the difference.
    Ill check on them when I get home, smoke a bowl, then post some pics.
  11. Quick question. How well will a 6" inline fan rated to move 160cfm out of a room do if all I can do is cut an 6" hole in the wall and vent between the walls. My room has no vents, just a hole in the door where the deadbolt hardware would have gone. Figured that could be my passive intake.
    My landlord could care less about what I do as long as I fix everything, money is just tight. Using frozen 2 liter bottles and gallon frozen blocks of ice in the rez to keep it cold.
    Any suggestions or ideas?
  12. Here are the pictures from last night...I hope :)

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  13. Pics from tonight and a pic of the fan Im going to be installing. BTW, smoked some of the Green Crack I harvested I said we didnt get much and it looks like shit but HOLY HELL it got us stoned as fuck! Those girls were definatly sativas!

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  14. Well I think the growing gods might be smiling down. Cold and rain through the weekend giving me enough time install the duct fan in the ceiling into the attic and where we are moutning it is inches away from the attic vent. When I move out Ill just install a vent cover and all good to go.
  15. Yeah those look more like clones. Do you know what strain? Let's get some pics of that damn 7g harvest before you smoke it all. Lol. Idk about the fan, maybe another member can provide insight into that
  16. Personally I had no luck with that type of fan. They're great as an inline booster if you already have a good fan on a long duct run but they can't handle static pressure at all. If you put any kind of air resistance like a carbon filter they stop pushing air completely.
  17. Well the fan is my last resort. I'm gonna cut a 6" hole in the ceiling and vent to the attic and pray for the best.
  18. I wish you luck. You maybe all right if you're just venting to the attic with no filter and little if any ducting. Just remember you want a passive intake at least twice the exhaust for good airflow.
  19. Im gonna give it shot. I thought the intake should be smaller to create negative pressure to help keep the room air not 100% positive on that one but we shall see.
    Checked on the girls tonight. I have two that look kinda funky but the rest look really good. Ill take some pics tomorrow. Been sick all day but I came through with the pics of the harvest. Trust me, nothing to write home about but it hit hard as hell.

    The strain was Green Crack:

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  20. You want airflow with a passive intake. if the fan is sucking more air than is supplied you will end up with heat issues and/or mold issues. You want unrestricted airflow but the fan always sucking air in.

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