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  1. Ok, so my last grow went to shit. We had heat issues, spider mites, root rot, you name it. So I convinced my girl to let me put a 4x4x6 grow tent in our dining room!
    We have two strains again, Golden Goat and O.G. Kush x ATF. They are clones and have been in our system for 5 days running the lights 19on/5off.
    They are under 24 CFL's putting out about 600 actual watts and should have my new 600w HPS in about a week.
    using Cutting Edge Solutions nutrients again and currently have them at 25% strength since we already have exposed roots.
    More pics tonight when the lights are on

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  2. More info:
    ph 5.8
    Ppm 453
    Temps stay at 81F with lights on and 76 with them off.
    Rh between 41-55%

  3. What are you doing differently now to prevent those issues?
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    Brought the grow indoors where I can effectivly maintain and monitor the entire system. It used to be in a storage unit but now it's a tent inside so I can run the ac, check rez temps, check ph, ppm, air temps, etc any time I want to. Also by being indoors I can keep doors closed to limit bugs, also using bug screens on vents and spraying Organicide regularly.
    Also redesigned my system so no light exposed water anymore, also running a dose of hydrozyme (free sample from the hydro store) in the water. Also keeping my rez temps at 70F using multiple frozen water bottles.
    learning from my previous mistakes I hope, lol

    Also there is no equipment other than my small exhaust fan and the light inside the tent
  5. Here are the pics from tonight

    OG 1: no roots showing yet, some new growth and returning of original color
    OG 2: showing roots today, new growth node opening
    OG 3: roots showed up yesterday, good top growth since day 1

    The Golden Goats have been growing great since day 1, all have good roots with #1 having the biggest root system already. The other two have multiple roots poking out of the net pots.

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  6. Hey smokin,
    I'm using the ces line too. Are you using micro, grow, bloom, uncle johns, mag amp and plant amp? I'm just using micro, grow, bloom, and uncle johns with Botanicare cal mag. How is the growth for you? Are you getting good results? I've only used Botanicare before. I was experiencing root rot as well (overfed too soon), but got it under control thanks to some hydrogen peroxide. Hopefully everything goes well for you this time around.
  7. I'm subbed.
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    Thanks man. I'm just using the bloom, grow, and micro. I'm also foliar feeding ph'd water daily as the lights come on and alternating once a week Aurora Innovations Ancient Amber and Extreme Serene.
    I have some cal/mag if I need it but I'm running tap water right now (160ppm) so we will see.
    I used the CES on my last grow starting halfway through veg and the growth was awesome! I'm really excited to see how these fields turn out
  9. Looks good smokin! I love these RDWC setups!
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    Thanks man, this is my first go at it like this with the buckets. My drains are too small though so I have to run my pump on 7min and off 3hrs. Going to 1" drains next time, lol. It seems to be working though
  11. What's the ancient amber and extreme serene do?
  12. Hopefully make em grow big! Lol, ancient amber is humic acid and extreme serene is phosphate and soluble potash. They can be used in the rez or foliar
  13. So my new 600w HPS setup should be here on Wednesday! Glad I can finally ditch that big ass CFL rack I have. It's an economy setup but it's all I can afford but I still have high hopes! nothing to exciting to report offer than that!
  14. Just checked the girls and the final og x atf finally dropped roots down below the net pot, whew, I was getting a little nervous. System is really stable and hasn't given me any issue yet
  15. Checked on the girls this morning. All the girls now have roots in the water and I'm expecting to see some rapid growth very soon. Also I topped GG1 the other day, here she is now. I also FIM'd GG2 so we will see how that goes

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  16. Here is a better pic of the top of GG1

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  17. Do you ever drain and clean you res and buckets or do you just top off? I just lost my plants yeterday to some flies in my roots. I opened the lid for the first time in a couple weeks and there were a couple that flew out, and more that were trying to hide in the roots :,(. So luckily I had taken a shot at cloning and was successful with 2 of the 3 I took. So probably gonna start a Gj to help me keep track of my progress. We can also compare our ces results.
  18. Bad luck on the bugs bro, it's heart breaking I know. Trying to prevent that I started spraying these girls every 4th day with a mix of organic bug killer and a light dose of Azamax mixed in.
    As far as my rez goes, I top off all week with ph'd water then every 7 days I drain it then wipe everything down then fill it then drain then add my solution with everything already added and ph'd where I want it (a little low). After that I barely need need to adjust ph...but, this is still just week one, lol.
  19. Wow, I'm baked on this Mango Kush right now! This grower I know grows the weirdest looking bud but holy fuck it always hits like a damn freight train!
  20. So I just checked my tracking # and my HPS will be here monday, nice!

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