Smokin' with your parents.

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  1. I haven't seen a thread like this yet, so i decided to make one.

    Now, i know that everyone is in a different situation with their mom, or dad, or both. Most parents i know where i live are very against having their son or daughter smoking period. Let alone smoking with them. My dad and my mom both smoke though, and i have smoked with each of them on different occasions. I've been smoking for 5 years, and my mom and dad have me beat by like 30 years or so, some people say its awkward to smoke with your parents, but idk, its just kind of natural for me.

    Does anyone else have any stories about smoking with their parents? I've love to hear them. :D
  2. When you mention smoking with your parents, you mean weed?

    Then no I haven't, I do smoke with my friends parents all the time though.

    Awkward at first since I've known them since I was 3, but it's alright now lol
  3. Well i smoke with my mom, and i'm her source of weed. It was funny how we started smoking together. I knew she smoked but she didnt know that and i guess didn't want me to know, even though she knew i smoked. But anyway we moved to FL from NY and my moms source of weed in NY was my sister who stayed up there and didnt move with us.

    So the first time my sister came down to visit, my mom wanted weed and knew i was getting it but didnt want to ask me herself. So she told my sister to ask me to get the weed and make me think it was for her, but it was really for my mom. The funniest part was though, that my mom told my sister to tell me to give it to my mom to hold onto until my sister comes down, which made no sense at all and i have no idea why she thought i would believe that hahaha. When i picked it up i was like fuck it and just handed it straight to my mom and i was like i know its for you and not Allie and she was like oh uhhhhh thanks. From that day on i get her weed when she needs it and we smoke together from time to time.
  4. I wish I knew how to safely approach the topic with my parents, as to not create a long-lasting bad experience if they weren't down with the idea. I'm pretty sure both of them don't currently smoke, but they may have 'experimented' as teenagers.
  5. Smoked a couple with my mum.
    Don't know my dad.
  6. my pops, not my mom
  7. I smoked with my mom before she moved down to Atlanta it was fun.

  8. Well, i made sure that my mom was at first ok with my smoking before i actually smoked with her. I don't smoke with my dad that much, i don't really have that kind of relationship with him. But i have before. I smoke with my mom more often, but still not that much.
  9. my mom dosent smoke and allways yelled at me for smoking but we dont get along and shes adddicted too pain killers anyway on that one

    my dad smokes but i hate him so fuck that

    i DID smoke with my friends parents once, its funny cause i smoked with her mom and dad like 3 years before i even smoked with her lmao
  10. I haven't seen my "stupid bitch" for around 5 years but my dad and I smoke eachother up all the time when we visit eachother.
  11. Everyday I get home after work and after dinner me and my dad enjoy a bowl or two. It took me a while to get used to the idea of it...he'd always ask me if I wanted to spark one and I'd always pass and go do my own thing outside. One day I decided 'what the heck' and grabbed his tinfoil lined tobacco pipe (lol), took a hit, didn't expect that decrepit piece to hit as well as it did and coughed pretty hard. My dad called me a little girl and an amateur, we both got a pretty good laugh out of it. For the 3 years I've now been smoking with my Dad (out of the ~10 that I've been smoking) I have learned more about my dad and am closer to him than ever. It's just our way to unwind from a stressful work day. Since then I've got him to try my lil' bong (seeing him hit that for the first time had me laughing pretty hard) and my vape, he loves both.

    Now I've become my dad's primary source and he's graduated to the higher quality stuff, no more mids for pops! It's a great way to bond and relax after 9 hours of crap, get quite a few good laughs in too. My mom, on the other hand, doesn't drink and has never done a drug in her life so I can't say I've shared any herb with her. ;)
  12. My mom and dad have been smoking for about that long too lol Iv actually smoked with them quite a bit the past few years theyre pretty layed back not like your everyday mom and dad haha
  13. yeah man i smoke with my mum from time to time. my dad gets hell paranoid so he doesn't like smoking it but mum's chill, she smokes with me occasionally and he doesn't have a problem with it, just not his bag.
  14. Thats nice. I don't live with my dad, so i don't think i'll ever end up smoking with him more than once or twice.

  15. I honestly never thought I'd be living at home at this age...thanks to the awesome economy and low work load I ended up back at home. It is what it is and it's not all that has its ups and downs. These kids on here who complain about it really don't know how good they have it, with the exception being the ones who post about being abused. Regardless of all that, I hope stuff picks back up so I can get back on my feet 100%!

  16. Thats cool. I've been out of the house for a while, but i still visit the folks' now and again.
  17. my parents don't smoke or know i do but i did smoke with friend's grandma today lol. she's friggin ancient but was glad to see that bud
  18. yea that would probaly be kinda akward if you just went up to your conservative, "weed is the devil" mom and offered to smoke her out.... but if not, go for it. :cool:
  19. I don't smoke with my parents, I do smoke with age groups of 20-30+

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