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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Trouble, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. This probally gonna sound stupid but Its cool to just smoke up with the family pets Dogs, Cats, Rodents, I'd say fish but I'm not stoned right now anyway many times I lay back set my giney pig on my chest and get him stoned off his ass the only problem is most of the time he just lays down and goes to sleep he dont do nothing atleast dogs do stupid shit make you laugh but its all right the pets listen better then friends dont laugh at the stupid shit you say and dont eat all your munchies or drink all your juice well peace im out
  2. hells yea my cats love to smoke they are a couple of stoner cats lol.
  3. yeah... stoner cats are great. well most of em are... i did know one cat that couldn't handle its smoke and usually totally freeked.
  4. my cats hate it :(

  5. Most of mine do too. Although one does start flipping out and runs around breakin shit:)
  6. haha.......i got a new puPPY, and i named him "Bud". hehe, and he smokes with me all the time, he even loves it too! stoner puppy! everytime he see's me hold up my pipe, he will come running, like its a treat or something.....haha!!
  7. i dont know one time we were smoking and i told my friend carlos to get his dog high and he blew some smoke in his face and he just started going crazy barking for no reason running around the garage and shit. he even ran into the car. dam that was funny. oh shit have you ever smoked weed that makes everything go fast? not like being wired, like youre in slow motion but everything else is being fast forwarded. the weed wasnt laced or nothing wich i thought was fuckin wierd.
  8. Hahaha . . . funny shit.

    Family pets gettin high with their owners . . . gotta love it.
  9. Yep, been there done that.

    I've got a rabbit and a hamster, you cant really tell if the hamster gets stoned, which is a bit shit but the rabbit's always high. It starts off lying down coz its too paralyzed but as we're getting to the end of the night and the weed is running out she starts sobering up and running round its cage from left to right. (I've got an indoor cage) and then she starts shaking her head really fast and jumping in the air clicking it heels. Its quite funny.

    Well, there's my bit...
  10. I love rabbits. I used to have a pet rabbit named Yenko and he fucking rocked. He used something similar to a litter box but it was easy for him to get into and he'd hop up on the couch and chill with me and he very rarely was in a cage. It was like having a cat...except when I'd go to sleep he'd chew on my hair. That had to end pretty quick and I don't remember how I broke him of it...but I did. Anyway, he'd get stoned and he did that weird jumping in the air thing too. I loved it.

    My cat will get high but my dog hates it. My snakes get active when people are toking up but the gecko and my hamster don't seem to be affected.
  11. i have one cat that hates any smoke and is terrified of it. and then i have another one who is a little pothead. if he knows someone is smoking in the house he comes running. but he's been throwing up alot lately and we quit getting him high and he quit throwing up so i don't think i can have a stoner cat anymore :(
  12. My kitty is a complete pothead he runs at the sound of a baggie, when you take papers out of the packages .. he's insane he's almost like a real person.... he always gets high eats drinks and shits..... gotta love pussies
  13. My m8 gave his guniea pig a blow back and t went all hypa. Next morning he checked the cage and he stoned dead. RIP LiL G
  14. I don't like getting my pets high, it would be strange for them. they're getting messed up and don't know how or why.
    that would freak me out.
  15. It's not that I blow it in his face, but my cat Cheech always curls up on my lap when I'm hitting my bowl. I really think he likes it! And then he sleeps and actually snores! LOL!
  16. 1 of the cats doesn't like it the other cat and the dog actually come to the smoke when were blazin.... But we usually just throw down some catnip for the kids ( the cats )
  17. my dog Gus, loves getting stoned! just like his mommy

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