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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by zero*, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. MAN! I love getting high with my sisters. I\'ve got 2. One\'s 11 and the other\'s 13. what\'s funny. they used to get all pissed off because i would always come home stoned and shit. and i would always offer it to them and they would say no...but this summer\'s been all good with them. they started smokin\' weed. i told them now that they wonder why i smoke all the time. they know now. and my 13 year old sister she\'s cool as fuck now. she used to be a preppy cunt straight edge bitch. but now she\'s just like me. except for the duster. i don\'t really like fucking with that. but she smokes and does pills. she tried loratab 10\'s before me. which is cool as fuck. damn...what have we created aleina? haha.

    - stay blazin\'
  2. Bro, thats your baby sisters. They\'re fuckin 13 & 11. It aint cool for 11 and 13 y/o to be smokin and poppin pills. Dont let them get the impression that wildin out is where its at. Someday they might grow up into some hoochy. Would you really want that?

    In conclusion, take all the drugs so they dont. Let them grow up a bit then see if they wanna smoke. Whats worse, having your lil sis be a prep and do something with her life OR be chill and smoke with you? Not saying that if you smoke buds you wont do anything with your life, but if you dont when your that age you got alot more motivation.

    ill leave it at that...

  3. ah no man... she didn\'t change when she started smokin\'...she changed a little before that. and the 11 year old hasn\'t done anything since like the beginning of summer. and the 13 year old said that she\'s probably gonna quit because she\'s too paranoid about getting caught by my dad.
  4. wtf blazing with your lil sisters. Man idk what the fuck to say. 11 and 13 is still young. All i can say is if your the big bro, take care of your sis\'s. I smoked my younger bro out at like 14 i think and havent looked back since. he held it responsibly and only blazed with me in the past. now hes got a job and hes doing mad good. hope it turns well but still. If i had a sister i dont think i would smoke em out at that age, guess im just saying this since i dont have one haha. Stay high. Blazing with your fam is coo tho, my bro\'s and i are mad close and the last thing we always fight about is HERB
  5. Laugh
  6. good read i guess. Although I dont think its very responsible to get your sisters doing drugs because theyre \"cool\"

    If it was me, (may sound hypocritical) but I wouldnt want my younger siblings doing drugs. I think drugs are great, who doesnt?? but at that age im sure the consequences outweight their supposed benefits.
  7. You know smoking marijuana isnt good for a brain that is still developing?
  8. Do what you will, but 13 and 11 sounds way too young to be smoking or especially popping pills.
  9. i was 13 when i started...
  10. I think talking about getting children/animals high is against forum rules...could be wrong
  11. hahahahah^ that kid runs into the counter ahahahhahahahhaha

    i smoked a blunt with my dad on his 50th birthday, and he hogged the whole shit, i was like WTF i asked him if i could get him a tent, hes like \"its my birthday\" so i was like fuck that, so i went in my room and smoked a bowl of g13 to the face.
  12. Yeah man.. you\'re a fuckup. Nothing else to say other then the fact that you\'re a dumbass for smoking with your 13 year old and 11 year old sisters. How the fuck old are you?

    get the fuck out -rep.
  13. I think 13 is the youngest someone should start. I bet a lot of people here started then or even younger. But 11...thats just fucked up.
  14. This is SUCH an irresponsible person. Seriously, normally I wouldn\'t bring this up, but seriously, grow up. They are fucking children and you are just daring them to have a fucked up life.

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