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Discussion in 'General' started by blazin'babe, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. So, my dad brings up the question one day of how much I smoke. Of course, I lied, but then asked him how much he smokes. Surprisingly he said he'd smoke it all the time if he could. So, which bring me to my question...Should I get my dad high the next time I go home? If any of you guys out there have done this before, or tired, how did it turn out, and do you think I should do this??

  2. yes get him high. why wouldn't you?
  3. Ya man, if ur dad smokes and is cool with you smoking, Id go for it. My parents are all anti-drugs which sucks...

    Id say roll up a fat blunt and smoke it with him whenever a good time comes around.
  4. smoke with him. perfect father son bonding
  5. smoke. Parents who smoke with their kids are really cool. My parents, however, suck, but I've smoked with several friends' parents.
  6. I cant imagine my dad smoking.
    He told me he tried it once.
    If he did smoke, I dont thnk I would do it with hjim. ??

  7. Damn, if my dad wasn't such a bastage, he probably would smoke with me, seeing as he's a stoner...from hell. Anyways, it's cool that your dad gets along with you, and will actually talk to you about it without being an ass and a hippocrite like mine. I'm not too sure if I would smoke with my dad, because he's done so much shit to me and my family.....

    But your dad sounds cool; come up with what you think is best to approach him about smoking with you, and then go from there.
  8. Yes, go for it.

    If my dad told me he would smoke it all the time if he could i would roll a joint up and then talk to him and take the joint out and ask "you wanna smoke this with me"...see what he says.
  9. shit i cant even imagine how kewl that would be if my dad smoked
  10. i only smoke with my dad on special occasions like holidays and such. The rest of the time we sort of ignore each other's hobby for sake of keeping the old lady of the house happy.
  11. Yea dude definitely, if youre blessed enough to have a stoner father DO IT. My dad is anti-drug which sucks
  12. hell yeah, i smoke with my mom all the time, i mean it is wierd dont get me wrong but it also benificial, i mean she will drive me to my dealers house, and all i gotta give her is like whatever i feel like for the gas i use, and she smokes me out all the time, so it you fell comfortable doin it go for it!!!!
  13. do you even have to ask?
  14. I'd say based on what you've said, you should wait for a day that you and your dad are home with nobody else around. and if you know he's got some time to kill, show him a joint and ask if he'd like to smoke. I think if you actually had the joint in front of him, he'd be more likely to say yes. Then you'll know what to do from then on. It will definitely be a great bonding experience for you two, I'd be willing to bet.

    Edit: Shit, it's almost like he was trying to smoke with ya if he brought it up like that. then saying he'd smoke all the time if he could.. Thats like an invitation..Maybe he's saying he can't find it. I gotta say, what really struck me as strange on this post, is that your even questioning this, lol... Go for it! :smoke:

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