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smokin' with dad followup

Discussion in 'General' started by blazin'babe, May 18, 2004.

  1. I while ago I asked for some advice on smokin' with my dad. Everyone told me to go for it. So I did. It was great. We've only smoked together once, but when I went home last week he asked me if I was out of pot...almost like he usually asked if I need it's a necessity or something. So, I told him no, that I didn't bring any home with me, so he gave me a joint to smoke all by myself (he couldn't join due to an over due drug test), and a new roach clip to go with it. Gotta' love it when your dad takes care of your habit. I think he likes bonding with me and I think he likes that my friends think it's awesome he smokes with me. I also think he enjoys the fact that we have our own little secret that my mom or stepmom don't know about.
  2. oh wow thats so awesome! i have yet to smoke with my old man, some day though i will.
  3. lol, my mom treats me like she does my dad. She only smoked once and said she didn't like the feeling it gave her in her chest. She know's weed's not a bad thing, and she jokes around about it and all,but she doesn't see it as harmless..... because say I get high on my nephews b-day and then in time I would have difficulty remembering that day and it would be like I wasn't there. I haven't smoked on occasions like that, and i don't intend to because I feel the same way she does about that. I don't wanna miss the good times.

    My dad tried making my mom grow some weed without her knowing once, because at the time it was his first grow.... He said he put a few seeds in her planters where she already had another plant she was growing and he figured she'd take care of it until he sees it sprouting and then he'd transplant it or something before she notices..... One day she sees him with his face really close to her plant like he's looking for something, and she asked him what he's doing and he said he put a few seeds in her planter and thought it would've sprouted by now, and she told him "Oh yea, I did see something else growing in there but I pulled it out because I thought it was a weed", and he's like "It was a weed!".... lol

    Anyhow, I've got a better relationship with him nowadays that I smoke and he knows, than when he didn't know. I think it's just because it's a realization for him that I'm on my own and an adult, and I can handle myself and this world on my own, and so he feels less like he needs to be a parent anymore, and can now be a friend. All part of growing up and growing old. So he's always giving me weed that he gets for free, and I go and smoke with his brothers. I'd smoke with him but he doesn't do it anymore.... if anything he's only done it 3-4 times in the past 7-8 years. He also just recently found out that my mom knows I smoke... i guess he thought I would try to keep it from her, but in reality she just slowly got the feeling I was toking up, not only because of the way I was but because I'm not a kid anymore, and she knows it's my choice. But she still doesn't want me smoking in her house, even if I blow the smoke out the window or something..... Yet she smokes cigs in the bathroom (second hand smoke anyone?)....

    But hey i'm happy :)
  4. yep my parents just recently found out due to getting caught in school...

    I havent smoked with my parents; my dad is like an old fashioned 50 year old. He never even touched a cig. he is really religious tho, or at least was. My mom has: run away from home, been to foster homes, smoked weed, drank, etc... but she still thinks it is bad. If i smoke for a long time and she knows, she will get to the point where she does not want it in her house, and ill have to tell her when ive been smokin. She dissagrees with it, but said just do it when you are on your own, over 18.
  5. HIGH All, hey blazin'babe a Dad here...shit you think it's do you think we feel....

    .......way cool!!!!!

  6. hahahha
  7. why is that even an issue? we're all adults here
  8. o yeah, shit forgot that i turned 18 this past month. damn too high to know my own age ;)
  9. nice cover up ;)

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