Smokin With a Friend always turns into smoking out his/her friends

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  1. Ill be at my dudes house and he will say "hey wanna smoke" in my head im thinking ill match a bowl with him, wrong, im always smoking up his girl and this niggy that lives there rent free,,

    so heres my question

    dose anybody else roll a blunt or joint in-front of all their smoking friends and then smoke the whole thing in-front of them and give them the roach, that me:cool:
  2. Puff puff pass man unless youre short on money and want to conserve weed, just leave.
  3. so its my responsibility to smoke out every scavenger smoker in the world

    man you know we sell this, thats a shame i just stopped smokin yesterday
  4. Niggy eh !? Why don't you go to the Arian Nation website with your comments before someone tracks you down and breaks your fuckin jaw. Fuckn ignorant fuck !!
  5. I always smoke out my friends if they don't have. I have no problem with it, because if I don't have weed one day, they smoke me out :D But yeah, I smoke them out wayyy more times then they do with me..
  6. ^ did you even read my post? lol I said if you don't want to share it LEAVE.
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  8. its your responsibility to not be so stingy, unless you can't afford to.
    Doesn't really sound like your hurting financially, is it really that big of a deal to share a JOINT with them? Almost insulting them by giving them the roach but hey I guess you shared a bit.
  9. Hahahaha I love the guy that called op racist. I am like 65% sure he's black himself. Who still gets offended by that shit now anyway? My black friend calls me his niglet, and I'm white man.

  10. i know im str8 g like that

    they smoke lil half bowls with me, when i roll whole joints n blunts,,,,

    heres what i really wanted to say

    "if they wanna smoke they better have cash ass or grass,,, or ill take neck if you dont have that other ish
  11. Niglet is the best word ever.

    OP, I sometimes do the same. If I feel like smoking most of my joint, then I'll smoke most of it. You gotta always save them a little though.

    Luckily for me my friends don't only hang out with me to smoke my weed, so they don't mind.

  12. I could be wrong but I'm thinking the OP is more tired of constantly smoking others up be due to lack of funds or simply because moochers, especially when it comes to weed are beat as fuck.

    If HE spent HIS cash on some weed, he can be as stingy as he wants, he isn't required to share the joint he rolled for himself with anyone else if he so chooses
  13. Yea, out of my two other best friends I always buy the weed & smoke all of it with them. So to give myself a treat I'll smoke a whole bowl to the face & they usually get pissed off & call me a bitch, but I mean if you got a problem with it buy your own & stop mooching off me ALL the time.
  14. Nobody else thought this was fuckin hilarious? Lol
  15. its weed, if its that important to you that you cant spread the love of the herb, then IMO you have a problem. i guess thats just the way me and my friends look at it, who ever has weed smokes the weed
  16. in my hood this is how we do

    u got bud u blazin u dont u either droppin 5's or getting spotted to pay back with cash or bud at a later time if u dont like it you dont smoke and thats it
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    For sure man, I actually looked close cause i thought it was a kid I used to know.
    In response to the OP off say have a word with your bud and bring up the fact that they don't throw down. Or just bring a tiny bit. For a while I had my bag and a share bag.
    Some friends of a friend I used to hang and smoke with would be the bitchiest smokers in the world; arguing about who put in the most green and who gets to hit it next. And then hitting it like 3 times 'cause I threw in man' that's why a bowl can't even make one rotation dipshit.

  18. sounds like you have some really caring and thoughtful friends
  19. I get what the op is sayin....the shit happens to me all the time, you got a little extra cash at the end of the week so you treat yourself to a gram or two and all your buddys know you got it so they ask you if you wanna go smoke, you know what they forget to tell you until they get there? That they got 4 or 5 of their other buddys that you've never seen before with them and you end up wasting your herb on a couple of bums that never dish any out after you do
  20. honestly people are not well trained in observing other peoples emotions. So saying yes then just giving them a small roach isnt really acompishing them not mooching

    start the convo off saying hey man weve been hanging out for a while but i feel like youre taking advantage of me. if he gets defensive/ agressive then you know your instincts were correct. if he actually seems interested in why you would think this maybe hes just un knolegable of the smokers handbook. ( rule one always return a smoke up with something of value doesnt have to be money).

    or you could just say dude you need to buy your own fucking weed some time man your a pain in my ass. love ya like a brother but your mooching has reached an all low.

    let us know how it works out

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