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Smokin Willie Nelson's weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by alexburnsred, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. So I just got off of work and my guy finally hooked me up with some bud that he'd been hyping up was from Willie Nelson's personal stash... I live in Austin and apparantly Willie Nelson lives in Bee Caves a few miles away so I guess it's not impossible...I don't really talk to him to much because I like our dealings to be quick because cops love this city. Anyway, he doesn't usually bullshit me and I trust him because I've known him for like 3 years.

    Does anyone know anything about this??

  2. I'm faded and it sounded believable. Look at this guys pick ups and you'll see. It's dank.
  3. Willie Nelson smokes schwag. In I think rolling stone willie says he doesn't give a fuck and will smoke anything he said weed is weed and the table on his tour bus was covered in schwag in the pic. They describe him rolling a jay by picking out seeds. Just saying any weed is good enough to be from willie nelsons stash considering he will smoke anything with a trace of thc. Lots of old people like schwag where Im from they will smoke an ounce a day and refuse dank.
  4. Taking an old man's stash is pretty wrong. Give it back, now.
  5. lol you'll believe everything wont you. hehe.

    I'm your dad give me all your shit now.
  6. lol.

    idk it is possible. my best friends mom drove willie nelsons tour bus for one of his tours. we got to meet him and hang. haha.

    but for real. i doubt its his stash willie deals. wtf are u thankin/


    this is actully true. ill prlly upload the photos to the computer now that i think about it. it would make a dope ass facebook default pic hahah.

  7. Owned. I hope you werent paying 100 dollars a gram for "willie nelsons schwag" hahaha
  8. Lmfao.
  9. this thread just made my day. thanks :)
  10. hey, whyd my post get deleted?
  11. wtf? willie nelson does not smoke schwag! i mean he might but look at his interviews in High Times. He keeps a blend of grinded up weed. I dont remember any strains besides Sour Diesel and some Kush but he smokes good bud. Why wouldnt he, hes gotta be fuckin loaded!!

  12. He will smoke anything from medical grade to schwag he specifically said in the interview he was down to smoke schwag. Also he said most of his weed was just given to him by fans, at least when he is touring, so its free it doesn't matter how much money he has.

  13. me too, you can see in the quote of my post that I wasn't talking about mail trafficking lol

  14. Maybe not? He's actually ran into IRS Tax evasion issues in the past. I know they siezed his corvette and his house, My dad is the one who ended up selling the house. Small fucking world. My friends mom smokes corn and mids too. I dont understand these older folks. get on the dank ye digg
  15. even if i was loaded i would still smoke schwag, the schwag we have here is sometimes better then the dank weed is weed
  16. what?!
  17. willie nelson is a strain its a sativa
  18. hahaha and willie nelson def doesnt smoke schwag. hes been in high times and has been a celebrity guest at the cannabis cup many times. hes got plenty of dank hookups, who wouldnt want to hook willie nelson up hes like fuckin 80

  19. did you read what you just typed?

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