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Smokin While Sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Matt_aka_Forres, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. so i have a "sinus infection" with a bad coughf and no throat iratation but i still want to toke. Is it going to hurt/harm me any more?

    by the way i am the worlds worst speler;)
  2. whenever im sick i smoke a joint makes me feel abit more better. i dont know if it works for everyone but it does work for me.
  3. I've had a sinus infection for the past 12 days and haven't took a break from weed for more than 24 hours.

    I haven't gotten completely better, but I haven't gotten any worse. ;)
  4. right on guys. i think i just may go smoke a bowl
  5. i have some sinus issues going on right now.
    smoking makes me feel better...

    so go toke up my friend.
  6. I smoke when I'm sick, It helps me feel better.
    I suggest a joint or pipe.
    Taking huge ass bong rips while your sick doesn't seem like a good idea.
  7. You should make a firecracker, thats what I always do when I'm sick
  8. Nah its not going to harm you at all, or at least it shouldn't. I usually smoke when I'm sick, makes me feel better and takes my mind off of being sick. Light that shit up ::smoke::
  9. when im sick i enjoy making a lightbulb vape cause its alot smoother and the high makes me feel better than if i were to smoke.
  10. yea i agree, that cant be good for the throat, a joint would be a lot smoother, and if you have cough, you might have a bit of a coughing fit if you take a big rip from anything else
  11. I just got a sinus infection or something a couple nights ago. It's not bad but I still smoke the same... Still take big ass bong rips (took one of the biggest hits of my life yesterday actually:smoke:)
  12. well the only reason of concern from my view was that when i had pneumonia last year durring the winter and i was getting over it and started smoking again it just made my pneumonia worse. so i wasnt sure if this was the happening of all illnesses:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    and rock on guys because im curently high:D
  13. I had a cold last week and I swear I smoked myself better
  14. I had an ear infection and a head cold. I had a head full all the time and my ear hurt like a bitch. When i smoked my ear felt great but my head got fuller and when i blew my nose my ears would pop and shit. Hurt so bad, but the high was nice. With the sinus infection as long as you arent on strong meds or have had surgery i wouldnt.
  15. i tolk when i had a feaver and i didnt feel sick
  16. I suggest buying a "neti pot" and using one of those while high. I had a problem with my nose being really stuffed up after a bad cold for like weeks, and my doctor recommended one of those neti things. Mine is more like a little squeezy bottle than a "pot" but basically what it's for is you pour (or squeeze) a warm, salty water solution into your nose passages one at a time and it helps to clear them out. It's a little weird at first, especially while high, and if you're very clogged up it comes out your mouth, which is kind of strange.

    The reason why I do it high is because when I am I find I have a better connection with the inside of my body so I can really interpret everything that's going on in there accurately and get it cleared out.

    Try it out! They sell them online and at CVS and probably Walgreens. Works for me.

    Also I always smoke bowls and it's never made a cold worse. Sometimes I smoke slightly less just out of concern but when I do smoke it's never been a noticeable problem!
  17. it's called medical for a reason
  18. I was pretty sick last week, when i smoked it made my throat feel liek shit(my throat was already hurting a lot) so now when im sick in any way i only vape, a lot better then smoking IMO if your not feeling well.
  19. haha im sick right now and i just smoked 2 bowls forgot about my nose(burned it lol)
    my stomache(hella hurt) and my head was killing me my throat was sore but is now great i feel good enough to go get a burrito yeahhhh
  20. last time I had strept throat it was bad because I waited 2 days so I could just get the medicine from my neighbor for free (hes a doctor.) And I smoked to feel better :D. It worked

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