Smokin' up Professional Skateboarders.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by John John, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. A couple of weeks ago there was a demonstration at a local skatepark with some professional skateboarders that were on tour.

    I asked one of the pros (Antwuan Dixon, one of my favorites) if he wanted to toke up before he skated, I had to 'cause this is a once in a lifetime experience. And he said, "Ready when you are." So I was like, "Lets go!" So I followed him down towards the tour van and we started smokin' up. We were there for about a minute when along came another pro, Bryan Herman! So it was just the three of us tokin' and the rest of the skateboard team was doing the demo, ha ha. They didn't even skate, they stayed and smoked with me the whole time. IT WAS AWESOME!


    So thats Bryan Herman, Me (see the hat!), and Antwuan Dixon. Both of these guys are super cool dudes in person and ganjika brought us all together, isn't weed beautiful?!

    Here are two videos with both Bryan and Antwuan. (Pretty funny shit!)

    Bryan Herman's Video:

    Antwuan Dixon's Video:

    Both videos have some good skateboarding and smokin', ha ha!
  2. Dude i dont think you understand just how jealous i am that you got to do this. Seriously man your so lucky!
  3. That's awesome man :)
  4. dixon looks like gucci mane


  5. I have an idea, ha ha!

    I just wish Braydon Szafranski would of smoked with us, he smokes hella ganj'.
  6. thats pretty cool man
  7. That's dope as hell.. good story for the kids.
  8. haha antwuan still has the pipe in his hand
  9. Ha ha, yeah! My pipe and my lighter...and he didn't steal it.
  10. thats awsome
    antwuan dixon has so many tats now
  11. Damnnn your mad lucky. Ive only seen one pro in my life, Pj Ladd skating in Boston.
  12. Hell yeah..that kinda reminds me of this time at an indy wrestlin match I was blazin with one of the wrestlers, who's a good buddy of mine. We fired up a bowl of kief in the truck literally 20 feet from the ring. 2 more of the guys I knew saw us get it and fuckin came RUNNING

    But, I'm sure that was definitely pretty fuckin sweeeet.
  13. Bumped for all the skateboarders I notice come here, there alot of you fuckers, yo!
  14. awesome story an all, man....but uh

    seriously though, am I the only one who thinks that they might not appreciate their pictures being up on the internet of them holding a pipe with weed in it?

    i dunno...
  15. Agreed:) Although I don't know if it really matters if professional skateboarders smoke or not.

  16. thats hot
  17. damn. The Baker team was over here doing a demo awhile ago. If i had some dank on me, I totally would have hit AD up and asked him if he wanted to smoke. He is such a chill dude.
  18. man you shoulda had em sign your piece dude!
    Just for fun, but a lighter would work too. ahhah
    but damn. thats kool as fuck that you got to toke w/ pros

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