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Smokin up in my hotel room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Burgh4Life, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Just got to my hotel room, bought some eye drops, ground up 1/4 an oz and ready to go, got the shower steaming , window open and towels under the door....who else hotel tokes :hello::smoke:
  2. o_O believe it or not, hotels usually don't mind smoking all that much. as long as you don't end up making the whole hallway smell of weed, they usually turn the other cheek. (assuming were talking about a state where medicinal marijuana is still illegal.)
  3. ive done this a couple times, worked out fine but there was a few paranoid moments, a trick i used too was put a sock over the smoke alarm dunno if it makes a jot of difference but fuck it might aswell
  4. Its pretty fun, esp when your on a higher floor and your room comes with a balcony.

    The best
  5. I once got a hotel room in Quebec, and they gave us a 1/3 notice complaining about loud music, and then another one for complaints about smoke smell on the floor

    We just told them we smelt it too and wanted them to find the person who was smoking hahaha :p We just ended up putting a towel under the door and opened the balcony when it wasn't raining, we were fine for the rest of our visit but be smart about it... don't blaze right in the morning when the cleaning ladies come to your room, and obviously dont leave shit just out in the open, because they have no right going thru any guests baggage....

    Good luck and enjoy your trip blade !

    Be safe, Purple.
  6. I smoked a bubbler the other day in one. It's fine but don't over do it. Also use a stoner spray like Ozium or Mr. Danks.
  7. yep im in Pittsburgh PA no Medical here... but i still buy medical so its cool lol my buddy brings it here from colorado
  8. Make some free coffee

  9. hahaha just made it
  10. I did it a month back and I also brought my hookah. I just put something under the door and open the windows. I also went on top of the bed and took out the battery for the smoke detector.
  11. lol it's a hotel bro, not your parents house. no need to steam the room and stuff towels under the door. i went to a hotel for my birthday and we got a room that allowed smoking and just blazed it up. i aired it out at the end thru the little balcony in our room. but im sure we werent the only ones smoking on that floor. :smoke:
  12. Yeah... I was gonna pretty much say what everyone else is sayin.

    I stay in hotels regularly for work. I smoke in every one of em. As long as u dont get ashes everywhere or burn anything they are cool with it man.

    I was in Mexico once and had a mound of "unmentionable substance" (bout 5 grams worth) sittin on my table next to my bed. I actually came back to my room with a maid in it cleaning and shit. I was SO afraid to walk in the room when I saw her cart, but I wanted my shit. lol When I got in the room it was completely clean and she left my "stuff" right where it was. Even cleaned AROUND it. :D

    I gave her 5 american bucks and she acted like I was givin her too much.
  13. Vegas MGM smoking section 5 guys 5 girls 3 handles two 30 racks 10 blunts and 2 packs of cigs...we lit the cigs in an ashtrays all around the room and just lit up blunts, drank.. around 3 we hopped down to the casino, came back around 6 passed morning dear god...toilet, sink, bathtub full of puke...condoms all around the floor, ask from the blunts everywhere...since the ashtrays were in use by the decoy cigs...our clothes smelled like we rolled around in marijuana and tobacco ash and used alcohol as perfume. And none the less...never got a call or complain about the smell. Them hotels smell old and shitty anyways. Just dont dank the hall way and you straight.
  14. We did it all the time during lacrosse season. No one cared.
  15. Just be careful in hotels guys, my boyfriend works as security in a hotel in MN, and he has had to (unhappily) bust some people for smoking really blatantly in their room. I think if you are the only occupied room on your floor/on your end of the hall, definitely take some precautions like putting a towel under the door. (it was a really straight edge, anal manager who made my BF bust the people, he felt really bad about it)

  16. God what a cock (the manager)
  17. Its fun i just did it last week, as long as you got the shower running u should be fine.
  18. I generally us my MFLB on the road. It's not my favorite piece but it won't set off smoke alarms or make an identifiable smell.
  19. I've smoked in every hotel I've been to as an adult and never had a problem. I don't bother to run showers or open windows. Just toke up, open the windows for an hour before you check out. You'll be totally fine.

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