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Smokin' too much?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by megs51877, Jul 14, 2003.

  1. Just wondering how much you all smoke. I am an every day user but fear it is getting out of control cause I dont know how much others smoke! Please help!!
  2. every day
  3. u can never smoke too much bud.... its not getting outa control...chill out!.... i smoke like 2-5 times a day !:) and i luvs it:)
  4. I use everyday. Not gettin' outta hand. Chill, smoke a joint.....RELAX!
  5. megs, I used to smoke almost every day, then I stopped for a few years to prove it to my fiancee (now wife) that I wasn't hooked...i don't think that smoking a lot will make you an addict, but it can be tough for some people to brother has been smoking for over 25 yrs, most of that time several times per day...he's tried to quit a few times, but always goes back...he still loves the weed, but he also knows that he's addicted...funny thing, his kids & customers like him better when he's smokin'...

    hope that helps!
  6. smoke weed everyday.
  7. yeah im def. an everyday smoker! atleast 3-6 times a day
  8. Depends, I may smoke every night for a week, or I may only smoke 1 night aweek. For the most part I smoke every other night.
  9. im kinda like joshey, i dont really need to smoke, if i know i cant smoke im just like...ahhh shit, but if its there im gunna so toke up

  10. as long as it doesn't interfere with your daily life or important matters, blaze away.....

    i don't mind being in the clouds all day as long as i get everything i wanted to accomplished...
  11. When I have weed I smoke every day or every other day. It's rough because I have an 8:30-5 job so if I smoke up before I go to work I'm asleep at my desk, haha.

    Another shitty thing is that it's so dry around here good weed is next to impossible to find. Me and my roomey are thinking of growing some of our own just so we can have a steady supply.

    But I say blaze every day if you can, it's a beautiful thing.

    Peace and love

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