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smokin tonight.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Luv Tha Nug 420, May 28, 2009.

  1. hello, ok so i have a couple small nuggs. .5 or less left in my stash. do i smoke it tonight or wait for the wake and bake before school tomorrow!:confused:
  2. smoke it :smoking::smoking:
  3. you need your sleep meds
  4. lol i say wake n bake, cause i go to school blazed and i love the morning..........waterfall bongs are sick :p

    also the sounds of birds are SO amazing :smoking:
  5. bro i say toke that bud in the morning,set your day off nice :smoking:
  6. If you are tired already just wait until the morning. If you are awake and want to relax smoke it now.
    Wake n Bake is always a great start to the day though.
  7. Wake n bake
  8. It seems as if every time this question gets asked, if the OP doesn't choose wake and bake, he/she knows that he regrets it ;)
  9. split it
  10. smoke till u get a buzz tonight then the rest wake n bake it!!!
  11. are you high already?
  12. wake n bake
  13. smoke half tonight and half tomorrow if its real dank. idk bout u but i took one rip out f my grav and im fucked. thats using like 0.025 grams lol
  14. agreed.. that is if you can get high off that much, i wouldnt be able to.
  15. Wake 'n Bakeeee!!!!!!! :smoking:
  16. i had this dilemma last night. 3 bowls worth of blue dragon left. i smoked it all last night. :D
  17. smoked it this morning boys and girls. good looks
  18. .25 tonight and .25 tomorrow morning!

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