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Smokin the half O to the dome

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tokey McBong, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. #1 Tokey McBong, Nov 29, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 29, 2011
    Well gc as promised here is the thread I am in the process of smoking but I'll start with the uploaded pics and vids

    By tokey_mcbong at 2011-11-28

    By tokey_mcbong at 2011-11-28
    the epic blaze vid coming soon

    EDIT: Fuck me I have to find a better way to upload the vids imageshack wouldn't work but they are coming

    EDIT2: also i'm going to be covering my face (just common sense) but I will write Tokey McBong on my arm
  2. Hell yeah I'm Subbed
  3. Gonna be a good night

  4. true that bro
  5. hell yeah man. smoke one of those for me bro.
  6. Make sure someone takes a picture of you greening out

  7. I have never understood that term. None of my friends or I have ever "greened out" only passed out while smoking. Set my sheets on fire with my herb iron
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions for the vids? Worst case scenario I'll email them as an attachment? and someone more sober can do it
  9. Kick 1 for me bro, and your in for a smoooooth night :)
  10. I wouldnt be able to do it. Ive done an eighth in one night before. But not four eighth. Good luck bro!
  11. How fast do you plan on smoking it all?
  12. So you're going to smoke an entire half ounce in one night? I'm sorry, but what a stupid fucking waste of weed and money.

    But do what you want, enjoy.
  13. I suggest 4 blunts an hour. Smokin every 15 minutes is the perfect way to get faded :smoke:

    also burns you out and your money..
    but oh well you buy bud to burn it right? :laughing:

  14. Lol how about you don't worry about other people's financial situations and dude I'm just doing it to prove a point. And so the other blade has to make his info thing "I am Tokey McBongs bitch" permanently
  15. Nevermind, that's actually worth it lol.

  16. Its for science duuuuuude.:smoke:
  17. moar pics! all i see is 4 blunts and a 29g cup of water. :smoking:
  18. I have vids of me weighing it out but im having trouble uploading them. But I know theres a pic that shows the scale reading 16 g's. And each blunt weighs an 8th

  19. I'm sorry but those blunts look way less than 1/8th each

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