smokin sum silver haze at my friends

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by youngunit90, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. I smoked a 1/8er of sum silver haze at my friends house and this stuff was amazing. we had a room of 6 ppl completely blazed off of just an 1/8th and im a daily smoker. we smoked it out of a water bong and i was taking big hits everytime. This is definately the highest ive ever been. And prolly one of the best weed ive smoked. i normally dont laugh that much when im high but i could not stop laughing at all. Silver haze is AMAZING lol tell me about ur best time ever smoking :smoke:
  2. damn a 8th between 6 people...all bong rips??? lol yea i imagine you would be fucking blasted

    super silver haze is great...only had it my self a few times but it was so official...

    and i have too many "best" times...
  3. Haha, sounds like my birthday this year. Me, 5 of my friends, a bong and 1/8 of some Grand Daddy Purp. Best birthday.
  4. Had silver haze crossed w/ jack herrer one time. Some of the best looking buds I can remember
  5. ive smoked jack herer. that shit was good but i thought the silver haze was better. ive taken a clear hit of real medical g-13 and was pretty high from one clear hit from a bong. so smoke a gram of that i woulda been smashed out of my mind lol

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