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Smokin Stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by moobie, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. can you get high off of smoking stems/
  2. The best you can hope for is to get buzzed, as well as a massive headache.
  3. depends. sometimes ill throw the stems of some nice fire into the bowl. but if its just stems form mids your better off either saving them till you get a ton and making kief or jsut throw em. they will give you a nasty headache
  4. seeds give you a headache stems get you high. but imo its only worth it to smoke stems if there is no other option and they came from dank weed. also they taste like shit
  5. The headache I get from it isn't even worth getting high, I usually am never down to smoke them anyway.
  6. if it was worth it to smoke stems, people would smoke stems.
  7. Since I have a low tolerance, I will play with the stem in my mouth, lightly biting on it, but not chewing it, and it'll give me a buzz for like an hour.

    Hope that helps ;)
  8. you got a buzz for an hour chewing on stems? i just find that hard to believe

    that shit must of been from gods garden
  9. i'm calling bullshit.
    you didn't activate the thc, you can't just eat weed and get high, it has to be activated into fat cells or smoked to have any effect
  10. Can anyone say placebo?

    THC isnt water soluble. Plus it has to be heated.
  11. maybe he spits fire like lil wayne
  12. Its not worth straight up smoking stems.
    But it is worth making kif or green dragon with them.
  13. I don't get a headache and they get me high if I grind them up finely.
  14. The only way I can see you getting high from stems is if when you seperated the stems from the good stuff is if you left a tiny bit of the bud on the stems that you couldnt get off. I know sometimes when I seperate the stems and such I sometimes cant get all of it off in some of the spots of the stems. I guess if u smoked enough of that you could get high but I dont think its gunna be that great and it would give you a headache.

    BTW how do you make keif/green dragon from stems?
  15. If I'm completely out of bud, I dip into the stem collecton. Yes, collection. They don't get you super high, but if you have enough it's like smoking some really shitty weed.
  16. Hahahahhaa
  17. sounds gross haha

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