Smokin' Stems?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheGateKeeper, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Well I got the recipe for firecrackers and I'm gonna make those late along with a dime I'm gonna buy. But I just cleaned out my bong and I have stems can I smoke them?:confused:
  2. Stems dont have much if any THC in them, so no it wont really do anything. Your best bet is to throw all your stems in a pill container with a few dimes, shake it up for a while then scrape the kief that comes off and smoke that. You wont get much, but putting it ontop of a bowl should add a bit of a kick.
  3. Yeah, I smoked a bowl and I was a little buzzed. It didnt do much tho but family guy was funnier
  4. Yea, save your stems for this. I had 7.8 grams of stems and they got me 2-3 bowls of kief. Not bad for using what most people throw away.
  5. good idea, repped
  6. One time I scraped my pipe clean of resin, made a littl resin ball and placed it on top of a shitload of stems I packed into my bowl.

    Biggest headache I ever got.

    Desperate kids with no money will do stupid things to get high, haha

    Don't bother smoking those stems.
  7. So this one time...

    We were all blazed, and my boy looks at me and goes "Watch this."

    Packs a bowl full of stems, roasts the green off the top, and passes it to another friend.

    He hits it, makes a face and goes, "Tastes funny."

    And then we laughed at him.

    Wow, that wasn't as good of a story as I remember it..
  8. save up all your stems and use them to make brownies. about an ounce should do you good.

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