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SMOKIN STEMS!!!i need your opinion on it

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by darthbong420, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. OK so ive been smoking the whole bud lately i just take the nug and stick it in my bullet and smoke it and the best thing is i dont get headaces so what do u guys think shuld i continue smoking the whole things steam n all?
  2. are they harmful if u do smoke them?
  3. hmm.....let roll the answer dice *rolls*
    looks like it's a no
    lol jk about tht
    but really dont smoke the stems
  4. You don't wanna do that.
  5. i let mine build up, and when i have a nice fat bag of them, scrape the fuzzy looking stuff off of them with my knife and smoke a bowl of the whitish-green powder. gets me blitzed. :smoke:
  6. not a bad idea my freind thanks
  7. To be honest when I dont have the time to sit down and break all the bud up and remove the stems I just put the whole bud in my bowl and smoke stem and all.... Im not possitive but Im pretty sure its not harmful (Im not a doctor just my opinion). Usually what I do is I save my stems up and sell em to this idoit at my school that is desperate 24-7 for weed.
  8. That is fucked up..... lol

    Poor kid smokes stems....
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    Deleted post.
  10. Ok firstly, you aren't getting everything you can out of it if you just put a solid nug in whatever you use to smoke. Works a LOT better if you break it up. I've seen so many idiots put a solid nug in a bong, and wonder why it its so hard to get smoke out of it.

    As for the stems, it's really not hard to take them out. The amount of THC you get out of it is so little it isn't worth the harm the smoke will do to your lungs. I agree, save them and make use of them later in whichever way you see fit, be it tea or scraping the fuzz off or selling them to idiots lol.
  11. I would strongly suggest deleting those post, ur going to get flamed hardcore, and ur rep will go down.
  12. People that say that smoking stems is gay, or useless, or whatever they want is a bunch of shit, and I couldn't care less. Basically, if I don't have much weed, that stem is going right in there with the weed. It's got SOME THC on it, so I'm going to fucking smoke it. Anyway, the room smells like an herbal incense afterwords
  13. I don't mind them, I throw everything in whenever I'm smoking. Well everything but seeds, seeds are a no-go.
  14. why smoke it when there are other, more efficient ways of getting the thc off stems?

    stems taste like shit, extremely harsh. and if you are smoking on dank then you are ruining the flavor of somethin great!!
  15. I like to put the whole bud in too if it is a big bowl. You can almost always tell when all you are smoking is ash/stem and then I dump it out. If you have a clear chamber the smoke is not milky and you can see through it when you smoke the stems. I don't really find it harsh like a lot of people say but that is just me.

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