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  1. I love it, Dont matter where.

    Latley on my days off in the evening ill roll a nice blunt and itll smoke for 25-30 minutes and ill jus chill in the back yard, In the doorway of the garage and jus smoke. Nobody bothering me and nobody to fuck up my thoughts.

    Just me and nature enjoying every moment of it.

    Anybody else with me?
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  2. Yeah.. Just yesterday we were all stoned, inside, bout to have a sesh then we decided to just go outside. Nice cool breeze, fat bowl. Mm
  3. today i smoked a blunt while going exploring in some woods nice and peacefull
  4. All the time. Nature is my home.

    I rarely smoke inside, infact.
  5. Oh yeah, I got a nice little deck that I go chill on, lots of plants around me, best way to smoke.
  6. i have a trial to a park in my backyard and theres a huge outdoor meditation asian style temple thing? im not really sure what it is but theres a bamboo forest surrounding it with gardens and ponds its an extremly chill place to shlaze a fat blunt with some friends. it makes you feel like your somewhere in asia hah
  7. Weed is the perfect nature drug. Unfortunately I don't appreciate nature that much without it, even though I'd like to.

    I usually go on a weekly bike ride to this cliff overlooking a river, a shitload of forest and almost all of downtown. Get fuckin ripped, then make a fire and cook a steak or a few smokies. Then get baked again for the bike ride home and pass all the pretty girls in short shorts jogging up the trail.

    I've noticed though that unless you're extremely comfortable with someone, other people around tend to ruin nature :(.
  8. i live right behind an old ski hiill, so when i get bud i usually hop on my four wheeler, pick a hill and spark a bowl or joint. its the best feeling ever, on top of the biggest hill around, can see all the neighboring towns, and watching storms come in, sunsets. its great man
  9. yea thats awesome

    I have a big size pond..people call it a lake thats right by my street so its a nice chill place 2 the day its flaming at night bc parties have got busted so much
  10. You know it!

    I feel so good smoking outside- no matter what the weather, what season..... I almost feel connected with nature for some reason.... Maybe cause I'm stoned and retarded at the time :p


    (on another day when I reached the mountain):
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  11. I live in the country i sit on my fence and blaze ALL DAY LONG. I look and i can see a mile away its so beautiful. I see wild turkey and deer all day very peaceful.
  12. yeah dude, that's why i smoke, to relax, i go on my back deck and post on a chair and just smoke a bowl then a cig

    edit: you're from detroit too :p
  13. Smoking outside rocks...its the whole nature thing, either you enjoy it or your one of those people who would bring a tv, hair curler and makeup

    Its cool when you smoke and a shooting star flies bye.
  14. I prefer smoking outside too. It dosent matter if its on a deck or 5 kilometers in the bush. I find its so much better when I get high alone because then I start thinking of all this crazy shit. I find I get a totally different high when I'm inside alone and its not as good as when I'm ouside alone.
  15. yeah mayne, im actually about to step outside and take some pipe rips then a cigarette.
  16. yeah i love smoking outdoors -ya feel connected to nature-my dad took me on vacation this year and we were up in the blueridge mountains-he thinks i quite smoking so i had to walk through the woods to spark up,it was crazy cause the one day i was out there this big ass deer jumped out and was just staring at me-for some reason i tried wavin to it and it took off but when he ran off i was like damn i should of blew it a shotgun when i had the
  17. i only like smoking outside when its nice and sunny and not windy
    and i only really like smoking inside alot when its raining and stormy out
  18. i usually go to a trail thats like a 5 min drive from my house
  19. I love to smoke near the a river, pond, at the beach, whatever. I can just chill and watch the water move, its very peaceful and calming. I get a lot of good thinking done.
  20. Outdoors>Indoors. I love getting ripped and enjoying nature. Having intellectual people around helps too.

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