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Smokin Out New Roommates

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Ardfoe8, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. So I have two new roommates, who are real chill, but they're not big tokers by any means.

    I'm gonna introduce 'em to the pleasures of marijuana. :hello:

    One of 'em says that he's only really ever done it when drinking alcohol (with friends), and he said it usually just made him nauseas so apparently he really hasn't had too many great experiences with it.

    My other roommie has done it a little more but I'm guessing she hasn't gotten really that high yet.

    My hookup should come through by Monday. Do you guys have any suggestions for stuff to do? They both play music (which I don't) so that would be cool....otherwise...give us some ideas. We have a nature pond that's one minute away from us, we'll check that out at sunset.

    Otherwise, WHAT ELSE? I want to maximize the experience so they get to feel how we feel about maryjane.
  2. get baked, chill and laugh. Pick up some snacks maybe rent a movie or go for a stroll
  3. yea going for a stroll should be nice...lots of trees around here too which always adds to it
  4. definetly get fast food (if they dont mind the restraunt already) and get munchies and get them couch locked with laughs like family guy or futurama or simpsons. something stoner funny...
  5. make sure they don't get too high or they won't like it
  6. fuck walking wen u stoned lol for some reason wen im high i enjoy sounds and visuals i would say if they like kotton mouth kings buy/download the kmk visual dvd crank that and bLzae a blunt or two
  7. watch a funny ass movie like wedding crashers or superbad, and make sure you have snacks. that would cover it for me.
  8. Yeah I like lots of audio/visual stimulation while stoned. Since everything is better when you smoke, so is the music and video games.
  9. smoke them out and then go out and hit the bars & pick up some girls.

  10. Thats what pr0n is for silly.

    Just a joke. BTW. I am aware of the power the vagina has over us.
  11. drugs are bad mmmm k.....

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