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Smokin on the way to go buy smoke ?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. i was listenin to a song by nelly and he said somethin bout how he smokes so much he smokes on the way to buy more. Do any of yall do this ? I dont usually smoke on the way to get more but alot of times i will blaze the rest of my shit and go get some more right after im done blazin, or ALOT of times when i buy some bud ill smoke with the dude im buyin from or he/she will smoke me out. What about yall ?
  2. seems to me the only times im buying bud is when im out, or when i have a shit load of cash, and since the ladder doesn't happen all that often (as at least as much as I'd like) I usually don't have any shit to smoke when im going to pick it up, then again i usually dont have to go pick it up, i usually have it delivered, but either way im not baked.
  3. yup, like il meet the dealer someowhere and get there early and smoke a bowl or 2 then wait
  4. i usually pick up whenever im out of weed, sometimes when a few ppl have weed to sell and different types ill buy a bit of everything.
  5. I've usually been out of weed for a couple days when I buy it. I should really start the search earlier, but I'm not motivated to find more when I still have a little.

  6. i do the same..... I never actually run 'out' of weed.... somtimes i get kinda low though....
  7. i love to blaze while waiting for buds. i always do if my mans running late. i dont like to have no weed, so i always pick up when i have only a g or two left, just for that nice safe fealing tjhat you can blaze whenever.
  8. I'm high all the time,when i buy some,when i need some
    but never when i'm out"cuz thats when my green thum goes to work.
  9. i all ways test the merchandies when i go to buy some it makes the trip more enjoyable
  10. ^^^^


    never trust a dealer you haven't got blazed with :D

  11. whys that?

    i've had the same dealer for 4 years, and ive never smoked with him, hes never ripped me off either.

    or any other dealer i've never smoked with, but they always ended up having shit.

    it seems like alot of you have quite a selection to choose from and taste at the time of purchase.

    i guess i just have a differnt buying experience.
  12. i just made brownies and now im out of weed :(
  13. If it were legal I would smoke on the way to buy it. But as a general rule, I don't smoke in movin vehicles and shit cause if you get pulled over, chances are you're fucked. Only way I smoke on the move is if we only have one or two joints, and we're on the highway.
  14. out here we smoke while ridin allllll the time.Its a miracle that all the times ive smoked while drivin ive never been arrested yet. Ive been pulled over before and given a ticket and a stern warning but that was it (they took my weed too)... Im sure eventually i will get arrested for it cause im sure some dick cop out there will nab me for drivin under the inluence of an illegal substance since he cant get me more than a ticket for possesion....until that day comes though ima keep on smokin and ridin and just hope i dont get caught.

  15. (in regards to smoking with your supplier.)

    some [new] supplier who does *not* smoke with ya' got something to hide. maybe even a beeing a cop. i know, paranoid. but i haven't been cought *ever* and that's only due to caution. so, for me to break the law by buing, i gotta know he's (it's usualla a he, sadly. are there any female suppliers out there :D ) gonna break the law too, by hitting a few tokes with me, before i buy the stash.

    simple logic, and quite fun too :D

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