Smokin naked!

Discussion in 'General' started by heyitsmeallen, May 20, 2010.

  1. Personally I love sitting down after a shower and taking bong hits :bongin: in my birthday suit.

    Anyone else?!?
  2. Oh my god.
    Do you rest the bong in your lap?:eek:
  3. As it ain't hash you're smoking it's all good.
  4. I prefer to actually smoke in the shower, there's something about being in a steamy shower and then feeling that buzz rush over you that just can't be beaten :D :smoke:
  5. I've never done this but it sounds like a great idea.
  6. This. I love smoking in the shower.

  7. You're missing out. Got to make sure its' nice and hot (gotta turn the heating up over here), get yourself but nekkid, and buy a little pouch to hang round your neck to carry your stuff hahaha...

    Ain't nothing like cooking naked and stoned.
  8. I've never made a point to smoke naked....

    ahaha but I have smoked naked because of circumstances.
  9. fuck yea bro nothings' better than going skinny dipping at 3 in the morning fuckin blown outta ur mind
  10. Yeah man! Smoking in the shower! so awesome until.. you know... the fucking water pours all over you.

    Oh, unless of course you're doing it with the water off... then that would just be odd...

    sleeping in the nude is nice
    running in thee birthday suit is exhilarating
    im sure toking would be too.
  12. As long as it feels good it's ight.
  13. be careful hot ash or flame embers do not feel good on a neck body...or a penis for that speaking from experince here.
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    ??? how do you smoke in the shower? it would be hard to keep the lighter dry.

    haha one day last year the day after getting really wasted from way too much vodka I looked down at my arm and saw 2 huge bumps. For a minute I was like "WTF is that?" I thought they were warts or spider bites. but then my memory of the night before came back, i fucking pressed a lit cigarette into my arm! twice! I was really drunk.

  15. I've never smoked in a shower but has smoked many a blunt in a hot tub.
  16. I tend to spend a large portion of my at-home time nude, which does indeed include copious amounts of time smoking. Just more comfortable that way!

    (note to potential house guests: I do sit on a towel when I'm naked, not directly on the furniture -- mostly because I don't want to get the hairs and dust of the furniture on me...)
  17. i smoked naked with one of my ex girlfriends once. it was awesome.

  18. Now that's the stuff.
  19. Oh yeah see, I only smoke nude.

    Sometimes I take nude walks around my neighborhood smoking a J.

    Nothing better than the feeling of being free and high.
  20. Wtf... I've been smoking for like 4 years.

    And never have I smoked naked.

    What is wrong with me?

    I am doing this.

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