Smokin My Last Bit Of Weed From A Beer Can,!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. at least its a natty light that i just finished,,,, i got to go on another 100 day break,, i been smokin all my friends out,,,,

    this oz. had to be gone today,,,, and the last 8 hits are going,, as soon as i hit this,, submit reply button,,,

    smoke out with me,, this break sucks,, but tomorrow, is crunch time,,,,:cool:
  2. Fuck a natty light man.

    Atleast get natty ice.

    But ill get high witcha homie.
  3. damn i wish i knew you. i've beem dry for a couple days. damn i need 10 bucks so i can go to the height and get some weed.
  4. thanks for smokin-out with me k.s.r.//////////:cool:

    still got 3 bowls left.... who else is gonna smoke me out,,, farwell for 100 days,?:p
  5. *Inhale*


  6. I'm packin the bong right now, man.
  7. chicken pack one up bro im out till friday and I thoguth that sucke but 100 days withotu weed DAMN bro good luck to you

    *pulls out spoon*

    here fuck that beer can shit lets pack a real bowl in a real pipe!
  8. ill smoke a bowl as soon as i go pick up, which might be a while....no1 has anything:( and the ones who should dont pick up:p
  9. good deal,,, checked this thread, before i grabbed the can again,,,,

    im high as fuck,,, but it's all got to go tonight,, so here goes some more ''choking''<<<<<<<<<<<<<:D
  10. Im still smokin witcha homie.

    Drankin brews witcha aswell.

    Shit throw on some SPM and we'd relly be down haha.
  11. Sorry to hear bro. I had to stop, as I leave for bootcamp in 3 weeks. My last time was great. Between me and my boy:

    1/2 oz of lemon kush.

    Each had 3 triple stacked E pills.

    we split an 8ball.

    AND I found 2 hits of acid, along with 5 percocets.

    And we had a bottle of Grey Goose. That was a fun 29 hours...
  12. it's just me and you then,,, i got 1 more good bowl left,,,, and getting up to get me another beer...

    me&u k.s.r.////////////:D

  13. Might be too late...Fuck it, bubbler time. :D:smoking::smoking::smoking:
  14. Smoke, Smoke that weed, Smoke, Smoke that weed drank that liqour pop them pills snort that P, smoke, Smoke, Smoke that weed, Smoke, Smoke that weed drank that liqour pop them pills snort that P smoke, Smoke...
  15. well i dont know about all that !!!!!!!!!!///////// but the last of it goes now,,,,

    bobbie-boobie,,,,,,,, to those that smoked down with me,,,, dry for now, and then ,and bryond,,, it's 1/3 of a year,,, it's a long time aa,,,,,,,,,,, .dkkkkkkkkkkkeo44o3ffffffffffffffdvxsvdfugfdugdshy shit !!!!!!!!!!:cool:
  16. thanks, i did listen to that,,, fro m the comments; i take it wu chan aint made a album in a while.?

    i liked the ''slow'' nice steady '' relaxed'' beat it had to it... not a real fan, im sure ive heard thier music,,, my memorys shot, names and music titles, dont work,??????/////////dig,!!!!!;)
  17. Damn dude 100 days is pretty harsh, good luck. Thats almost 1/3rd of a year :(
  18. damn, natty bo is nasty stuff, but ill like a nice bowl for the end of the weekend tho ... how bout that
  19. Natty bo and Natty Ice/Light are different things.

    Natty Bo=Natural Bohemain.

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