Smokin' J's with a state trooper by the airport

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  1. This whole event took place about two years ago. My friends and I would make a habit of driving to the airport and parking behind the fence at the end of the runway. We'd smoke a few joints, chill and watch the airplanes fly over our heads. Well one day we're parked there just smoking a joint and out of no where we see headlights come up behind us and we look over to our left and a state trooper pulling up right next to us. Before we could even start freaking out or make any attempt to hide the weed the trooper is already walking up to my car. He opens the back door and looks at my friend in the backseat. He doesn't say a word to any of us. He gets in, takes a seat next to my friend and closes the door. We're all blazed and freaking out because we have no idea what the fuck is going on. I'm still holding the burning join in my hand just looking at the cop with probably the most dumbfounded look on my face. He cop says to me "why don't you pass that over here". So I pass him the joint and he takes a couple decent hits out of it. He passes it to my friend in the back seat then looks at me and says "you know you guys should really get out of here". He then opened the door, got out, walked back to his car and drove away. This whole event took place over the course of like maybe two minutes max. After he was gone we all started laughing and we were all like "holy shit! that was crazy!". It was a really intense part of my life but it's a great story and my friends still laugh every time I tell the story.
  2. If that was, true, that story was utterly amazing.
  3. So awesome if that happen.
  4. trust me, i'm not lying about this. This story is 100% true. My friends and I still get high and talk about that night with each other. It was kind of relieving to know that there are still a few cops out there that are mad chill. anway......true story.

    smoke weed!
  5. Haha thats fuckin awesome. But I thought cops get drug tests?

  6. They do.
  7. Yeah, but in a lot of cities/towns it's apparently pretty easy for them to know when they'll get tested. I've met a few cops who smoke occasionally and they had no troubles.
  8. my uncle works for the CFD and i've blazed with him a few times, and i know they drug test the CFD so i guess they do.
  9. maybe it was just some random dude pretending to be a cop to get a free high... hahah that would be so fuckin funny!!
    u were so high that u thought u smoked with a cop and it was just some scarecrow that ur homie found in the cornfields or somthing...
    this thread made me laugh.... hahah +rep for "thinkin" u smoked with the fuzz.
  10. Ha ha ha, that sounds like Super Troopers.
  11. this is more serious then it really appears on the surface.

    You smoked with a known serial killer. This guy goes around and pretends to be a cop in order to get high, then once he is high runs off and does serial killer shit.

    Next time demand valid police identification before you hand over any sort of personal possesions. Once have scanned his neck chip then its cool to smoke the guy out. Maybe he steals pee from his brother everytime he has ever had a drug test, so they keep thinking the clean urine is his and suspect nothing.

  12. Dude...What the hell? That's fucking bullshit.
  13. I believe it. I got to smoke out a cop once. My story is more bullshit-able than his.
  14. Ive smoked with an ex-cop, he was really into Native American art, he was full european though. One cool guy, he got me into incense

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