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Smokin' in your apartment

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by budmakesmewizer, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. I'm moving into my first apartment tomorrow and I plan on ripping my bong as often as possible, but I'm a little worried about the excess smoke from a doobie or a blunt. Anybody have any experience with this?
  2. I smoke in my apartment everday but glass only, smell goes away fast. Blunts or doobies however leaves smell, unless you want to waste money using AC every time I would smoke those outside.
  3. Put a fucking towel under your door so the smell doesn't go into the hallway. And blaze with the bathroom vent. It's hard blazing in apartments man unless it's an old greasy one.
  4. Be careful or else you'll be "World's Worst Tenants"

    Start the video at 4:10 read the caption then skip to 7:00
    [ame=]Granny Gro-Op - YouTube[/ame]

    That old lady has more than 10 fucking plant,I dont even have a hook up yet she has all that bud.Boy isnt life a bitch :mad:.
  5. Sploof + Wet Towel under the door = success. Just make sure you open a window before you open your door to let the smoke out.
  6. Depends on the setup but putting the towel down by the door helps & then just don't be lazy and make sure you either blow the smoke out the window or bathroom vent vs just sitting on the couch and filling the apt up with smoke.

  7. this looks very operation repo ish,

    "in a neighboorhood like this im going to bring my gun"
    lol what, its a super nice looking neighborhood and the purp is a grandma... :rolleyes:

    technically what she was doing was legal, but she should of just had a house

  8. I thought about that after I posted that,but still even if its fake that more bud that what I got now(nothing).

  9. what are we 13? nahh, just go outside or use Bong/bowl:)
  10. Just leave a window open man, no big deal. The people above my place couldn't care less, even smoked with them a few times. Towel under door, window open. Like college lol. At my bros dorm the "community advisor", who is like a student security guard, is a total b!tch and tries to get him busted as often as possible. Actually succeeded, my bro may lose his scholarship. When we freaking roll we keep a towel under the door. Then go hot box in someone's car. That place is super up tight, the cops there jump at every little suspicion. He got pulled over once b/c he did a u turn and there were old broken TVs in a ditch, and the bastard said he stole the TVs then dumped them. Then went on to search the car, found nothing. This is Iowa state. Lol got WAY off topic... ya just open a window, towel under door. Totally not being over cautious, ya get cocky and get busted. A little more work to make sure you're safe helps the paranoia too.
  11. I vape in my apartment every day, no issues whatsoever. I smoked here maybe 3 times with a glass spoon, always using a sploof. I wouldn't smoke joints/blunts in my apt, they're better for going outside or for a walk.

    If you can invest in a vaporizer, I'd highly recommend it. You could vape all day and the place would still smell fine a few minutes after you stop. If not, I'd probably stick to using a sploof. But, using a sploof sucks IMO... buy a vape dude. :D

    Also, I made a thread similar to this a few months ago if you want to check out some of the responses... I ended up buying da buddha shortly after making this thread.
  12. I live in an apartment and smoke all the time but im on the top floor

  13. No, but it's the best way I've hidden it and dealt with the smell when I want to smoke INSIDE an apartment and not get caught up, kinda what the topic is about.
  14. I used to smoke blunts in my apt ALL DAY. Was a stupid 19 year old that was lucky I had cool neighbors that didnt mind. It was just a constant weed smell in the hall way. I would always hear the neighbor open the door and stat spraying the shit out of the hall way w/ air freshener haha.

    I would suggest smoking in your room or somewhere away from the front door. Thats what I did until summer and it got too hot and I wanted to be by the AC
  15. I live in apt with 7 other people in my building. I smoke all day every day blunt joint bong bowl. You pay for the space behind the door. As long as you pay the rent on time fuck em. Have fun.
  16. As everyone else said I'd just light a candle and rip bongs. Anytime I smoked in my apt (joint or blunt) I'd go to the bathroom to be safe but that was ONLY because we had bitch neighbors who have called the cops on us for a noise violation because they said our tv was too loud! :devious:
  17. Wow, douchebags much?
  18. Depends on where your apartment is and the kind of people that live around you. Just remember to be safe man, dont get busted for a stupid reason!
  19. This is what I do.

    At least I can still vape in my living room.

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