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smokin in the mountains

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xInfectedx, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. so my parents just told me for a week in october our family and another family (friends of ours) are getting a lodge somewhere around the mountains/woods in Vermont. so at first i was really bummed cause wtf is there to do there. then i started thinking, this has good potential to smoke everyday and chill in the mountians and in nature :smoking:

    waht would you guys do? should i make a bunch of blunts before the trip or bring my piece or what. or could it be too risky to smoke and possibley get lost in the mountains :eek:
  2. Hmm i spent two weeks there this summer and it was great! Depends where though, because I know that where I went (Banff) There was allot of bears. So just make sure you know what your doing.

    I'm pretty blazed right now so sorry if its all nonsense :smoking:
  3. i would def do that. probly take joints and blunts so you can dispose easily and a pipe would smell more
  4. Bring a few blunts, like someone before me said they are easy to dispose of and dont smell as strong. If someone sees you smoking it too it will be less likely they will think you are smoking a blunt, you could play it off likes a cigar:wave:

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